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A Guide to Thrifting in NYC

1. Buffalo Exchange: This is my all-time favorite thrift store to go visit! With a few locations around the city, I personally think that the one in Chelsea is by far the best. They have racks of anything and everything you could ever hope to find! Conveniently sorted by size and style, you don’t have to rummage through piles of clothes. I found my entire Halloween costume for just $14, and for a few extra bucks, they’ll give you the cutest tote bag to put your purchases in! If you’re looking for options and have an open mind, hit Buffalo Exchange!​

2. Crossroads: This spot is definitely a great place for shoes and trendy clothes. They have a large selection with nice dressing rooms, so go nuts! I purchased a super cute jumpsuit and rose embellished jeans for $15 each. The variety of clothing that is practically brand new is amazing!​

3. What Goes Around Comes Around: This one is for your more high-end thrift. You can find something at every price point, but they are known for their large selection of high-end items priced at a much more reasonable point.​4. American Two Shot: This gem fits right in, in SoHo. You’ll come across some funky, different finds in this super fun shop! Their variety of indie labels have vintage threads that you won’t find anywhere else.5. Angel Street Thrift Shop: This last thrift is a cute little shop full of interesting finds. They have a mix of books, fashion, and furniture. It’s a small shop with hidden gems if you hit it at the right time, it’s golden!​

I am an elementary education and special education major with a minor in psychology at Pace University. I love singing, playing the guitar reading, writing, shopping, and eating. My dream in the world is to help kids with special needs and be there beacon of hope as well as to travel a lot to see what the world has to offer!
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