Good Trouble

Manhattan, New York
United States

While Freeform’s hit show, The Fosters, may have been canceled, Mariana and Callie’s stories are far from over. Good Trouble follows the two recent college grads through their first taste of adulthood. This series shows the two characters moving to Los Angeles and landing their first “adult jobs” while also learning how to navigate new environments. Obviously, everything does not go as planned which forces them to adapt to their new lives as adults. It’s refreshing to see these grown-up versions of such strong female characters. The demographic that this show is aiming for makes it extremely relatable for anyone who’s trying to figure out where their life is headed. As a college student, I’m really enjoying this series and highly recommend it to others as well. It gives me hope that while the transition from college to the “real world” may not be a smooth one, things will work themselves out. At the end of the day, this show portrays women supporting each other through everything life throws at them, and that’s a message I will always stand behind. Make sure to check out Good Trouble on Freeform!