Go out & VOTE!

Manhattan, New York
United States

 Just two years ago, the 2016 presidential election took place; enraging and pushing many U.S. citizens to come together in support of much needed social and political change. The conversations around women’s issues and gun control have prompted a change in how people fight for those basic rights.  The political atmosphere today is very partisan, especially among young people.  In fact, there is an “awakening” in political activism among socially conscious citizens that has been catalyzed by the news seen every day in the media.  

It is important to speak about the many issues affecting our country and subsequently affecting our world.  It is time to turn these conversations into quantifiable action.  The midterm elections occurring in November are a very important time for citizens to reclaim our government and act upon the issues we are passionate about.  Some politicians even say that midterm elections are even more important than presidential elections, as they directly affect our communities. Midterm elections refer to the elections that select the representatives for each state.  Even though we are not voting for the president this time around, do not think that voting in the midterms does not matter.  In fact, your voice is more likely to be heard during the midterms.  Whether you follow politics or not, these decisions affect everyone, even college students.

Once we let our voices be heard in the midterm elections, U.S. citizens will have the ability to select who has a seat in Congress.  While there is so much ‘hype’ around the presidential election, it is so important to notice that midterm elections affect the reform policies being made ‘in your own backyard’. Stakes are high during these elections, and affect everyday topics such as gun control reform, environmental policy, health care, student loan policy, criminal justice reform, immigration, voting rights, women’s rights, reproductive rights, and civil rights…basically, everything is on the ballot.  Each of the 435 seats in the House of Representative is up for grabs.  Even a third of the seats in the Senate come into play.  College women should be especially involved in this midterm election because it gives us the power to use our frustrations to change who votes on important women’s rights. We can change the party that controls Capitol Hill and what overall direction our country will go, and it is up to the voters to decide what the House looks like this year.  

Here is the problem: young people and minorities historically do not have a great reputation for showing up at the polls. This year, it’s time to shake things up.  If we don’t speak up with our votes, we won’t be listened to.  Often, politics are not marketed to our generation and rarely to college-aged women. It is important to be civically engaged, and politically active. The policies that come into play in these elections are the policies that affect us too. Local policy matters.  Your VOICE matters.  Every single individual who shows up on election day is using their voice to make a change, and the question is will you use your voice?  Be sure to research your local politicians, find out their values, and register to vote in this year’s midterm elections.

Turned 18? Will you be 18 before the elections? REGISTER TO VOTE HERE! https://vote.gov/