Gift Guide for Dad

New York
United States

Let’s face it, choosing the perfect Christmas gift is difficult enough but I think we can all agree buying for your dad is one of the most difficult. Dad’s are simple creatures and don’t usually ask for much. But, we still want to give our creator of life something useful and not another gift that sits on his shelf. If one of these gifts isn’t a perfect match hopefully you found some inspiration!


Make Something

If your dad is anything like mine he’ll appreciate something hand made, it’s a bonus if it’s functional too! If your dad is from a trade background then he understands the beauty in a one of kind present. Something handmade not only has it’s own character made by a loved one but it’s unique that no one else will have it. Depending on your level of craftsmanship you can create just about anything. Here are some ideas of DIY gifts for pops:

  1. Keychain: You can either purchase the hardware for very cheap at Michael’s and carve something out of wood and assemble OR you can create a keychain from wire. You can purchase a spool of thin gauge wire at your local hardware store for less than five dollars. If you go the wire route you can create just about anything. You can make their name, “#1 Dad”, or an interesting shape/ inside joke between you guys.
  2. Hand Painted Mug: Lets face it the photo printed mug is cheesy and overdone. Just purchase a plain white mug from Michael’s, Target or Walmart and use acrylic paint to create something. You can go abstract and do a pattern, go the graphic route and cover the outside in words you use to describe your dad or paint a picture!
  3. Key Bowl Catch: Use air-dry clay from any craft store to mold a key catch for dad’s daily things. Be creative and maybe use leaves to imprint texture, make it a cool shape and don’t be afraid to add color after and paint it.
  4. Paint Something: If you have any artistic ability or just want to have fun paint something. Acrylic paints are the easiest to use, you can find these at your local craft store. You can either use a canvas from a craft store or repurpose old wood. A piece of old wood can add character as well as texture to your piece. Paint something funny, a portrait or just interesting colors. The possibilities are endless so let your creative juices flow.


Buy Something

When all else fails and the holiday panic sets in, just buy a gift. Check out these uncommon gift ideas!

  1. Dollar Shave Club Subscription: For about 6$ a month you get razors mailed to you. This is an awesome and practical gift for dads that love to manscape.
  2. SoundBot: Who wouldn’t appreciate a water resistant speaker? This is an awesome buy to enhance anyone’s shower experience. For under 20$ you can find this Bluetooth speak on Amazon or Walmart.
  3. Beard Oil: Does your dad have a beard? Beard oil is a thoughtful and useful gift for any dad who has lush facial hair. It’s a good stocking stuffer and is suitable for any price range. Think of it like you’re helping your dad and your mom, no one likes a rugged beard when they kiss someone!
  4. Artisan Alcohol Set: No matter what your dad’s choice of liquor is, there’s a gift set out there to satisfy him. Whiskey, Gin or Beer you can discover a gift set with fancy glasses, a bottle and other cool accessories all in one gift, now that’s something to drink to!