Get Your Fingers on Sticky’s

New York
United States
37° 5' 24.864" N, 95° 42' 46.4076" W

Two weeks ago, fellow Her Campus writer and editor, Sarah Schaefer and I decided to try Sticky’s Finger Joint - located a few blocks from Pace on Maiden Lane. The name of this spot totally gave away the type food we were about to eat. The space is small but there is room to sit and eat; the chicken finger joint is covered head to toe in graffiti depicting the menu’s items. The menu’s options are unique and feature a variety of sauces to go along with your chicken fingers, it was much better than I expected! We both ordered “the classic sandwich” with three crispy chicken fingers, pickles, purple slaw and “Sticky’s sauce,” all piled high on a Martin’s potato bun. For a side, I ordered s’mores fries, which were incredible and tasted exactly how you’re picturing them in your head right now! I can’t wait to go back and try the rest of their dipping sauces and salted caramel, pretzel chicken fingers! If you haven’t been yet, you’re missing out...get over there ASAP! 

(Fun Fact: Sticky’s Finger Joint is owned by Bobby Flay!)