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The Future of the Election Relies on the Mail Service

As the November 3, 2020 election is fast approaching amid a global pandemic many are left questioning and fearful as to how this election will run with limited in-person voting accessible. The thought of mail-in ballots has crept into minds to proceed with the election in a safe and socially distant manner, as the Coronavirus case numbers keep rising across states. And the consequences of the pandemic are being felt all over the country by corporations large and small as many are laid off and unable to make rent. 

The mail service is not an exception, the United States Postal Service stated the nationwide delays and the $25 million request made to Congress to cover lost revenue caused by the pandemic, it stated, “Coronavirus Disease Response leadership team…is focusing on employee and customer safety with operational and business continuity.” Yet, the uncertainty involving the process of mail-in voting was simulated on a smaller scale during the New York State primaries, six weeks after the election had taken place ballots were still being counted and many never even received their ballot, it was a devasting blow to the encouragement of mail-in voting. However, other states that also allowed mail-in voting for their primaries reported some problems but nothing surmountable to the issues New York State faced. 

With mail-in voting becoming increasingly more real the House of Representatives interrupted their traditional August recess for a rare weekend vote which approved legislation that prevents any operational changes or cost-cutting towards the postal service that could put mail-in ballots for this fall’s election at risk, the bill was passed 257 to 150 with 26 Republicans voting in favor and 24 representatives not voting at all.  

And, as per usual, President Trump had words to exchange on Twitter over the mail-in voting possibility. Trump announced his anger expressing, “There is NO WAY (ZERO!) that Mail-In-Ballots will be anything less than substantially fraudulent.” He also stated that “Mail Drop Boxes…are a voter security disaster.” Trump’s comments are his way to discredit the postal service that is secure enough to deliver Social Security checks, prescription medication, passports, and driver’s licenses.  As the methods of voting are still unsure, it is important still that every person register to vote and exercise their right to vote in this upcoming election. 

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