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Fresh is a movie that really shows us that, even in a world of online dating, you can find love in real places…until the guy you meet lies about his real name, kidnaps you, tells you he wants to sell your meat, and turns out to be a cannibal. Let’s break down the beginning of the movie to really analyze if Noa had any red flags she should’ve noticed before she went on her little trip with our good ol’ boy Steve. 

1.     He thinks Cotton Candy Grapes taste like cotton candy (they don’t).

2.     He has no social media. There is no way to not have at least one form of social media at this age currently. Not having social media is something that I can understand on certain platforms, or taking a break from social media, but not having any raises some questions. 

3.     He refuses to tell Noa anything about himself straight out. He only asks questions about her which can seem endearing but when the script is flipped, he clams up and seems as though he doesn’t really know how to answer the questions. 

4.     He takes Noa home and decides he thinks things are moving too fast, then he instantly switches up. (A side note to this one; When Noa asks if he wants anything to drink or eat, he says “No. Just you.” which isn’t a red flag but after watching the whole movie it just made me literally shiver).

5.     When Noa tells Steve to try her short ribs, instead of saying he doesn’t eat meat, he tell her that he doesn’t eat animals. After watching the movie this also makes sense but still freaks me out. 

6.     After only knowing each other for a short amount of time, (the actual length of time is never disclosed) Steve invites Noa to go on a trip alone. This is probably the biggest red flag so far. 

7.     He also doesn’t tell her where they’re going. Gross. 

8.     Instead of telling her traffic is bad and delaying the trip, he picks her up and then tells her that he thinks they should go and stay at his place for the day before heading out the next. Girl, you have never seen this guy’s house before, and now suddenly he wants to bring you there? Red flag. 

Those are all the red flags we see before Steve drugs Noa and we finally figure out he’s not actually a good guy. This movie is an amazing reminder that in an age of technology where you always must be careful of who you meet, meeting people in real life is the same way. Noa spends her whole time before meeting Steve talking about how she feels like meeting people online isn’t as real as meeting them in person. That people can hide behind a mask online, while she forgets they can do that in real life too.

I'm Christina and I'm a double major at Pace! My majors are Adolescent Education withe history concentration & History. I also have a minor in Anthropology/Sociology. I'm a massive Star Wars & Marvel nerd and I write about both quite often.
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