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FOODIE ALERT: The Butcher’s Daughter

Vegan has never tasted better. The Butcher’s Daughter has conquered vegan and vegetarian food. This past Monday my best friend, who is vegan, was staying with me. In search of the perfect hangover cure we set foot to a new café, The Butcher’s Daughter (19 Kenmare Street New York, NY). 

Greeted by a large bottle of mint water we rehydrated. The ambiance of the café is cheery and welcoming. Plants and produce hung about and the smell of fresh food in the air we were ready to chow down. We both got the grateful veg sandwich. I added an egg and my bestie added some tempeh bacon, which is a vegan alternative, made of cultured soybean, originated in Indonesia. She also got a purple cauliflower soup that was delicious. Both sandwiches came with watermelon on the side. Talk about a refreshing and nutrient charged meal. It was everything we needed for a day of site seeing. 

Hey guys, my name is Cas. I am a Senior at Pace Univeristy on the NYC campus. I am currently working on a dual degree in Communications and Fine Arts. I've been working with some friends of mine to start up our own creative platform called FUNKNVIBE. It's basically a way for artists, musicians, film makers and any creative minds to collaborate and create. When I'm not volunteering or with my FNV family I'm reading, dancing or working on my latest art piece. I hope to own and design my own publication showcasing the culture around me. I have a personal blog as well as my Her Campus page. I recently started up a blog with FunknVibe so definitely check it out!  I started out as the secretary at for HCPace but moved my way to VP and CC to now President. I love being able to give students on my campus a voice and connect new students to some type of a community. Her Campus has allowed me to organize myself better and find out what goes into running an organization. It's been an absolute joy and I hope for my last year we have one of the best!   
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