Five Ways to Stay Organized This Spring Semester

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  1. Utilize phone applications

One of my favorite apps that I find incredibly useful is Evernote. This app lets you create different note folders specific to the content you are adding, it has a shortcut button to make it easier to revisit notes, a search bar and the ability to add a new note, all in one. What I love about Evernote is, if you open an email (even one with an attached file) and want to import it to the app, it sends it right over and when you open Evernote…viola, there it is! I use this app to stay organized during the spring semester, Evernote makes it easy to import files from emails and create notes to keep important information in check.


  1. Buy a pretty new planner

I don’t know about you but, I love buying new school supplies for the new semester. One of my favorite items to buy in the new year is a planner. I’m definitely a classified neat freak so having a planner that can house all of my important memos is key! Opt for one that is visually appealing, it will make you want to pick it up and sift through it, looking for important dates and adding future plans. No better way to stay on top of your homework, clubs and social life!


  1. Throw out those folders and buy a binder

Since freshman year, I have used a binder to keep all of my important papers in check. This came in handy when my first year of college ended. I tend to hold onto important papers such as tests, projects, quizzes and notes in case they come up in the future (hack: you’re only making your life easier by saving past work that may help you in the future). From my experience, I have looked back at previous years work that has crossed paths with relevant work. I used to be a fan of folders back in high school but ultimately realized that when they become too full, they’re practically bursting at the seems and it becomes harder to simply sift through sheets when looking for something you need.


  1. Pick up a pack of rainbow glitter gel pens

I know, I know, this sounds cheesy but it so helps. Not only will your notes be organized, they will be pretty and it’ll be fun in the process. I just so happen to hate note taking but, writing reinforces what you are learning so I have never been a fan of taking notes on my laptop (plus, we all know half the time we aren’t even taking notes to being with). You’ll be just a little more excited to take those notes on propaganda knowing you can write them down in sparkly blue ink (that smells like blueberries too)!


  1. Take the day to clean out clutter

It is so important to rid ourselves of clutter when a new semester is upon us. Throw out those papers and notebooks you don’t need, sell those textbooks that are of no use to you anymore and check your pens and highlighters to make sure they’re still kickin’. Cleaning out is a great feeling, you will feel like a weight is lifted from your shoulders once you’re finished so, go have a glass of rosè and turn on KUWTK ( I know all of you secretly watch it).