Five Unconventional Valentines Day Spots

As January wraps up, the chain of holidays comes in full force. Starting us off for the New Year we have the beloved Valentines Day. I personally have always loved this holiday because my family made it special. We would gather and my mom would make a huge italian dinner and then we would trade chocolates and flowers. The whole house would be covered in pink and red roses and lucious decorations. I love this holiday but now that I'm older and not at home it can sometimes be hard to replicate the feelings I'd have during this time. Here are some romantic and cozy spots to check out whether you're spending V-day with friends or that special Valentine. 


This spot is an awesome combo of food, drinks and play. If you're not familiar with SPiN it is an upscale Ping Pong lounge and bar. On top of something fun to do you can also grab a bite to eat. They have events and guest DJ's so you can get your dance on too.

Drink N' Draw at Bat Haus

Who doesn't love a drink and a little bit of skin? At Bat Haus in Bushwick you can drink and draw for two hours with live pressional models. Just bring your own supplies and for $10 you get unlimitied PBR. All ages are welcome, 21+ to drink. 

Romance Under the Stars at Hayden Planetarium 

Grab a friend or a lover and head over to Hayden Planetarium at the Rose Center for Earth and Space (175 Central Park West) for some cocktails and stars gazing. Hors d'ouvres, chocolate and champagne will be passed out while Jazz music sets the intimate mood. Later, you will gather as astronomers tell stories of the cosmos and ancient mythology. 

Brooklyn Night Bazaar

Head to Greenpoint and stroll through food vendors, craftsmen and music talent. The sprawling emporium is also equipped with a mini golf course, ping-pong tables and large-scale light installations by NBNY, and live bands play weekly. Perfect spot for informal and fluid plans. 

Paesano and Snuggle

This is my personal favorite and go to. Head to Paesano's in Little Italy with friends or your partner and grab some good old italian comfort food. This spot is cozy decked out with string lights and a traditional italian feel. Have a lovely dinner and some wine then head home to snuggle up and appreciate eachother.