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Essential Supplies For Your Online Semester

While I, like most of us, have my fingers crossed that the next semester will be in person, everyday that hope seems less realistic. After this huge switch to completely online classes, something many of us have never endured, I have been scouting out products to make online learning a little easier and more comfortable for everyone. 

Bluetooth mouse

A bluetooth and wireless mouth has made my life so much easier. You may think that your laptop’s touchpad is enough, but that will change when you have access to one of these. Not only has it made classes easier, it has made using and navigating my computer as a whole so much more comfortable. 

Laptop stand

Never did I think I’d need one of these, until I bought one. This stand allows you to type on your computer at a comfortable and natural angle for your wrists. It also allows you to back up from your camera and still have an angle in which you look good. I know your neck hurts from constantly looking down at your keyboard and screen, it’s worth it. 

External hard drive 

Backup your stuff! Multiple of my friends have had laptops die on them mid semester. Having an external hard drive to back up your documents and work on allows you to sleep soundly knowing that that project due next week you’ve started wont go missing causing you to restart it all the night before its due.


Focusing while on zoom is hard. I recommend over the head headphones for your classes. Not only are these comfier than your airpods, they really force you to pay attention to the things you’re listening to. When you are completely surrounded by what you’re supposed to be listening to, it lessens the amount of things that can distract you.

Bed desktop 

Dont lie, we’re all in bed for at least one of our classes. That’s not bad- if you’re paying attention. A bed desk will allow you to comfortably get work done while your tush never has to get up!

Blue light glasses

Care about your eyesight. Screens are not good for our eyesight, and looking at them for hours on end is definitely not safe. Blue light glasses can be as cheap as $15 or you can add them to your prescription glasses. We don’t know what the prolonged staring at screens will do to our health, take action now just in case!


Whether this is online, through google calendar, or on paper, you need a planner. I like having a big planner for my desk and a smaller one to carry around with me. Classes being online and asynchronous makes it hard to remember what is due when. Don’t forget that assignment, write it down. 

A pillow for your chair

I know your back hurts, especially if you’re in one of these wooden chairs Pace provides. Get a pillow- you deserve to be comfortable. With the amount of time we’re sitting here you should be able to not be bothered by back aches!

Here’s an amazon wishlist with my recommendations for all these products! Good luck to all!

Gillian is currently a senior at Pace University on the NYC Campus. She is originally from Baltimore, Maryland where she earned her AA degree at the Community College of Baltimore County. She is majoring in communications at Pace and loves writing as a hobby. Her favorite day of the week is Sunday and her favorite color is forest green. She also reminds you to recycle! She can be found on all social medias @jillrh02
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