Easy: The Next Binge-Worthy Netflix Show


We all know that feeling when we’ve been binge watching Netflix and suddenly see our reflection in our computer screen. Then, comes the pop-up notification, “Are you still watching American Horror Story: Hotel”? Of course I am (as I finish my pint of Ben and Jerrys Boston Cream Pie). But, we all dread the moment we finish our favorite series and immediately start questioning when the next season will be available on Netflix. Recently, I found myself in this exact predicament, having finished AHS: Hotel, I wondered what I should start next. As I was browsing, I came across a new Netflix Original, Easy. Needless to say, this series is awesome… good job Netflix! 

I’m sure you’re all wondering what exactly this show is about so let me fill you in, in laymen’s terms… relationships. Easy is in its infancy, season one aired September 22nd, consisting of eight episodes, thirty minutes each. Not to mention, it has a great cast including; Dave Franco, Jane Adams, Elizabeth Reaser, Orlando Bloom, Malin Ackerman, Michael Chernus, Hannibal Burrus, Jake Johnson, Kate Micucci and Emily Ratajkowski. 

What I found particularly cool about this new series was that each episode is a different story, with different characters and some of them relate back to one another. Each episode features different couples trying to overcome speed bumps in their relationships, from marriage, to dating, to babies and lifestyle choices, Easy is relatable and honest. As young women in todays society, we are victims of this generations dating game filled with a lack of honesty, loyalty and the idea that it is cool to not care. Easy will leave you on the verge of tears and laughing so hard you can feel a six-pack coming on. Let’s admit it, we all need a good laugh, a gut wrenching cry and a television show like Easy to remind us that relationships can hit a rocky road but we’ll get through it.