Early Holiday Decorating Inspiration

New York, NY
United States

Is it too early to decorate for Christmas? Posing this question is trivial when many people believe it shouldn't be a “thing” until after Thanksgiving. But, let’s face it, some of us either don’t celebrate the occasion or aren't a big fan of gravy.  

Every year I reminiscence about the many times I’d help decorate our Christmas tree back home, how I would admire it, and how I wished to keep the tradition alive. Only this time, it would be a tiny version of my ideal tree and it would match the aesthetic in my living space. 

To commence the holiday cheer, and as part of one of my many adult responsibilities, I took it upon myself to find the perfect Christmas tree for my dorm. Nonetheless, I may have splurged on extra Christmas decor as well.  

And let’s face it, the city has endless options but they can be very expensive and that may not always be up everyone’s alley. And it surely isn’t up mine, so I checked out a few websites before heading out on my search around TriBeCa. Rest assured, Target – only a few blocks away – had basically everything I was looking for and at an affordable price too.

Tree? Check. Lights? Check. Window Stickies? Check. Ornaments? Check. Gift Wrap? Check

I also found that the Peppermint Mocha I was indulging in was truly inspiring at that moment. A “venti” of joy? I think YES! Plus, the adorable designs on the holiday cups make them worthy of an Instagram and cute to keep as decorations!

Also, with Pinterest and Instagram at our disposal, there are so many cool holiday décor ideas available to pull from. You’ll be inspired by DIY projects that adhere to your ideal winter wonderland.   

It’s never too early to feel the Christmas Spirit, the city thrives on this holiday! Whether you plan to visit the Rockefeller rink, The Winter Village at Bryant Park, or bring a tree of your own back home, there’s nothing that can hinder Christmas from arriving in November.