Dating Apps

United States

Dating apps… one of the most controversial ways to meet potential partners, especially for the older generations. Most young adults use dating apps such as Bumble, Hinge, and Tinder, for a myriad of reasons, ranging from looking for hookups to finding significant others. However, there is definitely a stigma surrounding the apps for the lack of personal communication between the users. For example, when anyone says Tinder, someone in the group will automatically get a disgusted look on their face and say something similar to: “You really use that to meet people? How can the connection be real? ”. Dating apps are the solution for modern day hook-up culture. Think about it; anyone at any time can talk to someone about having sex. Dating apps are sort of like sex on speed dial; asking for it is accomplished with ease. But with this being true, some are able to find more than sex on dating apps. Although there are many bizarre date stories told, there will always be that one success story to prove the stereotype wrong.    

I never thought I would ever use a dating app and honestly thought they were a waste of time. I was the person who would say, “Oh wow, you really use those?”. Then of course after starting college and meeting new people, the idea of dating apps became appealing. I could flirt and date anyone I wanted and that sounds extremely enticing. After using dating apps for a little while, my personal opinion has drastically changed. Not everyone is using an app to hook-up and sometimes an unexpected surprise comes along in the crazy journey of navigating through the world of online dating.

The inspiration behind this piece is the different experiences my friends and I had on dating apps. The one thing we consistently agree on is this: We would never change our experiences because, in the end, all the experiences made us grow and learn. The guys we met through the apps were all somewhat, decent people. However, we definitely can agree there were certainly many awkward, hilariously funny moments that make great stories to tell.

Kylie’s Tinder experience:

  “It was totally unexpected; finding someone online that I actually talked to and connected with. Usually, I just use it when I am bored but he actually stuck out and was different. We grew close until we went our separate ways.”

Eliya Quaye’s Tinder Experience:

“Weirdly enough, my first love was on a dating app. I downloaded Tinder and was just swiping when I saw a guy from California, pretty much right where I was from. I swiped right and he ended up being really nice so on a whim, I went on a date with him and it was an instant connection. I honestly thought he was the one, me being a dumbass. I think it’s honestly a little embarrassing that we met on Tinder but I may have had the opportunity to meet him had I not been swiping.”  

Tatyana’s Tinder Experience:

“I learned a lot about myself because I’ve never had any dating experiences in my life. It kind of taught me what to look for in a relationship. I learned a lot about what I like and I also learned about what I don’t like and what I should stay away from. Tinder, in a way, taught me to look for red flags. I’m happy I tried dating apps because I grew as a person. I’m not saying I’m finding the love of my life, but I am saying everyone should try it.”

Kate’s Hinge Experience:

“I thought the experience wasn’t anything to get too excited about. The only thing exciting about it was feeling the butterflies when you got the chance to flirt or when someone made you feel sexy. But mostly dating apps for me were just full of disappointment, I realized that the type of men on dating apps aren’t the type of men I want as a partner. I will say I learned valuable lessons about what I want and don’t want in a person. I think dating apps limit our real-world communication and limit finding connections organically.”