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Cute and Easy Ways to Decorate Your Dorm: Christmas Edition

This one goes out to all the girls who scroll through social media coveting a dorm that screams ultra festive during the holidays, just to realize that they have zero time or energy to actually decorate. Trust me when I say that these little touches of Christmas are easy to pull off, college budget friendly, and the perfect way to spice up your dorm with some holiday flair!

1) Customized Stockings

Step 1: Buy the cheapest, simplest set of stockings you can find

Step 2: Buy some glitter paint

Step 3: Personalize each stocking with names

This simple decoration will add a touch of personalization to your dorm, giving the room a warm and homey feel.

2) Mini Christmas Tree

Step 1: Buy a 2-foot tree (Target has some for $8!)

Step 2: Buy a pack of plastic candy canes  

Step 3: Beautify your tree with ornament(s) of choice

What’s Christmas without a tree? A mini tree is a perfect fix for this classic holiday piece. My personal preference is to get one that’s a funky color like pink, silver, or gold!

3) Tinsel

Step 1: Buy some shiny, shimmery tinsel

Step 2: Go crazy with it

Tinsel. Everywhere. In my dorm, we have tinsel draped over pretty much everything! It’s around our desks, mirrors, dressers, and chairs. It’s sparkly, fun, and screams “I love Christmas and want everyone to know it!”

4) Fairy Lights

Step 1: Buy LED string lights

Step 2: Pick the best spots on your wall to drape your lights

This decoration is a no-brainer. If you don’t already have string lights hung up somewhere in your dorm, this is the time to bust them out! There’s nothing like fairy lights to add a comfy, cozy vibe to your space.

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