A Conversation With Max Greenfield

Manhattan, New York
United States

One of my favorite things about living in New York City is getting to experience so many opportunities that I wouldn't have anywhere else. One of these opportunities that I love taking advantage of is attending live tapings at BUILD NYC. This social media company interviews the top names in entertainment and offers free tickets for anyone to attend. Through this, I’ve gotten to meet many of my favorite celebrities from my favorite television shows and movies. Most recently I was lucky enough to attend a live discussion with Max Greenfield!

As a huge fan of  New Girl, I was so excited when I found out Max was coming to BUILD. He portrayed my favorite character on the show, Schmidt and made me laugh every single episode. However, Max wasn’t at BUILD to discuss New Girl; he is currently doing press to promote his new show, The Neighborhood. The show follows Greenfield’s character, Dave and his family from the midwest moving into a predominately African American neighborhood in Los Angeles. I just recently started watching it and I already love the humor and heart that this show is putting out there. Since his New Girl fame, he has seemed to take on many projects that really show his talent as an actor through his diversity of the characters he has played. He is known for roles in many projects from Ryan Murphy’s, American Crime Story to his smaller role in the new film What Men Want. He discussed the way that he was about to give up on acting before he landed New Girl. He truly thought it wasn’t going to happen for him then landed the role of Schmidt which changed his life forever. He went from taking every audition he could to being sent scripts and getting to hand pick the roles he wants. It must be crazy to experience both ends of an industry like that. As someone who hopes to go into the entertainment industry, it’s so amazing to get to sit three feet from such successful people and hear them discuss projects that they're proud of. I for one, think he deserves every bit of recognition he’s getting and I can’t wait to see what he does next.

Make sure to check out Max Greenfield in The Neighborhood on CBS!