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The Connection between Me, My Significant Other, and Music

I’m fully aware of the connection people have with music and how it can change people’s perspectives and how they perceive the world. Music, for me, has always been an outlet of expression and something I can always turn to when I need to calm down, which I’m sure is the same for many of you. However, I do feel very strongly when it comes to certain songs, albums, or lyrics that make me think of my significant other. It’s something that truly binds us, since we are both so passionate about music and each other.

I know this may sound cliche, although every couple may have “their special song,” being able to listen to a song and immediately be transported to a place where you feel safe and happy is a truly surreal experience. That's how I feel everytime I listen to a few of my boyfriend and I’s playlist full of songs that remind us of one another and times we have shared together. 

Here’s one I’d like to share with you; “Just Breathe” by the infamous rock band Pearl Jam. The song itself has a completely different message than what you may think would be your typical romantic ballad, but for us it's a special song. It's not the lyrics or even the melody- for this one it's the story, and it's a funny one too! I’d never heard it prior to listening to it with my boyfriend. At first listen, I could not help but burst into laughter since the band’s singer, Eddie Vedder, has such a unique and distinct voice that sometimes the words he sang were inaudible. My first thought was “How is he even singing?? This doesn't even sound like English!” However, as the song goes on, you realize that the story is important and explains how a man falls out of love with his lover and tries to remind himself to take a minute and enjoy the last moments together. Even though we mocked Vedder’s voice at first, now instead of tears of laughter I sometimes get teared up just because I hear this song and think of my boyfriend when we aren’t together. It's a song and a moment like that that come together and make a connection and a memory that I will forever connect to him.  

To add onto that, my boyfriend himself  is a musician- as I like to say my very own, personal Shawn Mendes! He fills his day with writing and perfecting each song he works on till the melody is just right. I have never seen someone so driven by music and it makes me even more fascinated with the meaning behind music and songwriting. What better way to say that there is a connection between us and music when he writes his own songs and is influenced everyday by lyrics and his trusty guitar. The heartwarming part to all of this is a song he wrote called “The Rose,” which he claims was written with me in mind. (uh- my heart actually burst?!?) The song itself has the most harmonic and soothing cords along with thoughtful lyrics that tell a story about love and adventure. Hopefully soon you’ll all get to hear the song and interpret your own version, both sonically and lyrically. 

In the end, we all have that connection to something that makes us understand the meaning behind love. Whether it be music, art, or literature, we can find a way to express our love for others- not just a significant other, but also a family member or friend. Take the time to truly listen and understand what a song’s story is, since each one is written for a reason.

Lisarose Ryan is a sophomore at Pace University, she is studying Communication Studies with a minor in Arts and Entertainment Management. Shes either obsessing over Shawn Mendes or eating some chips and guac!
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