Chicago Instagram Museum

Manhattan, New York
United States

As Chicago’s first pop-up, Instagram-friendly museum the Wndr Museum had a lot of expectations they had to live up to, especially when New York City had been setting the curve since forever. Originally this museum was supposed to be temporary exhibits for people to interact with until its fame blew up. Their elaborate displays including infinity mirrors, optical illusions, and balloon room the Wndr Museum attracted many young Chicagoans who blasted their social media with detailed photos. It wasn't until the museum got so popular and tickets quickly sold out that the creators decided to make the museum a permanent exhibit. Also, every season they would change up the art pieces to bring something new to the table for everyone to enjoy.

Knowing this I naturally had to visit the trendy place when I flew back home, and I have to say it did not disappoint. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment and took a lot of gorgeous pictures. Not only does the staff happily take your photos, but they also try and interact with you. In the beginning, when I walked in an employee gave me a bracelet that had a particular purpose at the end (keep reading to find out) and another sitting around a typewriter asked me what I liked and how to spell my name. It turned out he just wanted to write me a personalized poem. How cool is that?

You could really tell that all the artists involved in the museum really took their craft seriously because all the pieces were incredible. There is absolutely no way anyone who visits this place will not get amazing Instagram content. I rate the Wndr Museum a 10/10 for their creativity and customer involvement. I felt welcomed at every turn, and I loved it. I highly recommend everyone visit this “wonderful” place if they ever get the opportunity to visit the great city of Chicago.

One of my pics I took with the light exhibit