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Catching Up on ‘The Sex Lives of College Girls’

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the TV show The Sex Lives of College Girls

Mindy Kaling’s hit show The Sex Lives of College Girls has officially premiered its second season on November 17th, available only on HBO Max. The show follows the journey of four roommates, Bela, Kimberly, Leighton, and Whitney, as they navigate their freshman year at the fictional Essex College, located in Vermont. Each girl has their own individual story, yet their stories all transition into one for the four roommates. This season, I wasn’t sure what to expect. How could the drama get any more complicated than it was in season one? Despite my own concerns, it most certainly did get more complicated for the girls this season, and here is what I believe will happen based on the first four episodes. 

Episode Summaries

The first episode, “Winter is Coming,” serves to remind viewers of the storylines from the first season. Kimberly’s loan situation is right where it left off, Leighton is still struggling with her sexuality, Bela is done with the Catullan and focused on creating her own comedy magazine, Whitney’s relationship with her love interest, Canaan, is developing further, and drama with the fraternities at Essex continues. In enters a new student and neighbor, Jackson, who the girls swoon over the second they catch a glimpse of him. At the end of the episode, Leighton comes out to the girls as gay, and ultimately, everyone is on the same page by the end of the first episode of the new season. 

The second episode, “Frat Problems,” starts with the girls throwing a party for a chance at having fun without attending  a fraternity party. When nobody attends their party, they realize that they need to make up with the fraternities in order for them to have fun at Essex. Kimberly is about to tell her parents about the loan issue but decides not to, Bela has some fun with Eric, the head of the Catullan, Whitney is jealous of a new female employee at Canaan’s job, and Leighton is still deciding what she wants to do now that she is out. Kimberly almost gets a cosigner on her loan, but the professor ultimately backs out once she hears what her husband said to Kimberly. Bela throws a party with Theta and ends up saving their fraternity, which saves her and the girls from the blacklist.

The third episode, “The Short King,” opens with Leighton rushing for Kappa just like her mom did. Bela has her eye on a boy at the gym when she finds out he is a “short king.” Whitney decides to take biochemistry, one of the hardest classes at Essex, but is discouraged by her mother. Kimberly still has trouble getting the money for the loan and is essentially told to transfer,  but things turn around when she finds a pamphlet about getting money from donating eggs. Leighton is enjoying her single life and has a ton of girls at their dorm throughout the episode. Kimberly is on the fence about donating eggs, but she eventually decides to call the number on the pamphlet. Leighton gets caught in the middle of a crossfire of two girls believing they were more than just friends, and then tests positive for chlamydia. 

The fourth episode, “Will You Be My Girlfriend?,” begins with Leighton deciding not to tell the girls she has recently slept with  about her new diagnosis. Kimberly gets invited to study with Jackson and wonders if it could mean something more than just being friends, Bela struggles with getting publicity for her magazine, and Canaan asks Whitney to be his girlfriend. Kimberly arrives at Jackson’s dorm, and to her surprise, another boy, Fred, is there to study with them. Whitney is already insecure in her new relationship and consults Kappa seniors for help during rush, and they advise her to look through his phone. While at rush, Leighton is confronted by a girl named Natalie, who Leighton gave chlamydia to. Natalie tells all of Kappa that Leighton gave her chlamydia, and Leighton believes her Kappa dreams are over. Bela sabotages the Catullan and gains publicity for her magazine off a quick response code placed on the front of the Catullan’s magazine cover. Jackson tells Kimberly that she is hot, and then Whitney confronts Canaan. Canaan ends things with Whitney and tells her his trust is broken. 

Season Predictions

The second season of The Sex Lives of College Girls is already filled with drama, but here is what I believe will happen during this second season for each of the girls.

Bela will reach good numbers/statistics for her new all-girl comedy magazine and gain members. She will be very successful; almost as successful as the long running comedy magazine, the Catullan. Eric and Bela will end up in a Romeo and Juliet type of relationship as their magazines fight head to head for which will be the best comedy magazine on campus.

Kimberly will have to break the news to her parents about the loan and go through with the egg donation surgery. She will then be able to stay at Essex with the money made from going through with the procedure. Jackson and Kimberly will have a slow burn love story and ultimately end up together at the end of the season.

Leighton will be a very prominent member of the Kappa sorority at Essex. Leighton will stop sleeping with multiple women at a time due to her chlamydia crisis. She will eventually settle down into a relationship with somebody after trying to figure herself out at the beginning of the season.

Whitney will pass biochemistry and be able to tell her mom, “I told you so.” She will go through a funk without Canaan for a bit, but the girls will drag her back up. Towards the end of the season, I predict that Canaan will give Whitney the time of day to talk it out, and she will end up in a happy relationship. 

While I was skeptical about a second season for The Sex Lives of College Girls, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of seemingly never ending drama that the first four episodes hold. As the season continues to premiere two new episodes every Thursday on HBO Max, I cannot wait to follow along and see how the rest of the new season will play out in the end.

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