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Brennan Bodin (’19)

Name: Brennan Bodin

Year: Sophomore (’19)

Major: BBA Management – Entrepreneurship

Minor: Fashion Marketing; French Studies

Hometown: Covington, LA

Describe yourself in 3 words: Fashion Obsessed Creator

Involved in any clubs/organizations on campus? “VP of Professionals, Pace’s Fashion Business Club. I started out as their social media director working on general club awareness and promoting our member and events. I now oversee all of the events and social media along with our President. I enjoy the club because we are able to help provide opportunities in fashion to many students.”

What inspires you? “I am inspired by passion and creativity; those both go a long way with me.”

What did you do this summer? “I interned at Esquire Magazine as a Fashion Editorial Intern. I assisted the fashion department with upcoming fashion stories.”

Any current internships? “I am currently a Visual Merchandising Intern at Rent The Runway. I assist with product styling for all e-commerce and editorial content.”

Tell me about your goals for the future: “I am planning to open my own business that showcases designers’ creativity and their inspirations while providing all the best fashion for my shoppers.”

What is your ideal date? “Who has time for that? Lol, I will never put a boy before my career. ;)”

Who are your celebrity crushes? Ed Westwick, Tom Hardy in his late 20’s, and Leonardo DiCaprio

Any fun facts? “I used to play football, I am from the South, and I am from a family of five where all the kids have the same initials.”


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