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Bon Voyage! Travel back in Time to the Titanic!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Pace chapter.

At this point, I’m sure everyone has heard of the Titanic and what happened to the ship on that fateful night. Last weekend, I had the opportunity to visit the Titanic. The Exhibition. After a successful run in London, it has traveled to NYC. Located at the corner of 6th Avenue and W. 14th, this exhibition gives visitors an in-depth view and understanding of the history surrounding the Titanic.

 You’d be wrong to think this is just another exhibition. Not only does it showcase hundreds of historical items, but it also feels as if you travel back to 1912 and are on the actual ship. It’s the perfect experience, with plenty to see and listen to. The audio-guided tour allows viewers to learn more about the construction of the Titanic, the passengers, the actual shipwreck, and recovering the wreckage. In my opinion, everyone should visit this exhibition. This exhibition gave a detailed history surrounding the ship and allowed viewers to get a realistic understanding of what it would be like to have been a passenger on the ship. I loved the attention to detail. A great deal of thought went into this exhibition. Overall, it was amazing to learn more about the infamous ship and gain more understanding and compassion for everyone on that ship.

I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed the exhibition. Kiera Kennedy, 25, my wonderful sister (who suggested visiting the exhibition), was also a big fan of what she witnessed. “I appreciated that there was plenty of explanation for not only the sinking of the Titanic but also its history & how/why it was built. Also, in the end, they showcased the names and ages of the passengers and crew; which was extremely impactful. I feel that the ages are not usually talked about, so it gives more perspective on how tragic the event was. My only dissatisfaction with the exhibition is that I felt like I was pressed up against people. I wish it was a little more spaced out.” My friend and fellow Pace student, Tess Wambui, 21, went to the exhibition as well. “I thought that this exhibition was extremely well done. It was thorough, and the audio-guided tour was an excellent touch. I felt like I was in a storybook and on the actual voyage of the Titanic. I felt that there was ample room, and it was well-timed. The information that was given was easy to comprehend which was much appreciated.”

This is an exhibition that you don’t want to miss. In total, the whole exhibition takes about 90 minutes, and it is worth every minute. Originally, the experience was only going to be in NYC until mid-March. However, due to high demand, it is continuing to keep its doors open. If you are able, I highly recommend visiting this exhibition! 

PK Kennedy is an active member within Her Campus at Pace. They are a social media assistant and help oversee Her Campus at Pace’s Pinterest account and write weekly articles focusing on, but not limited to, local events, music, and film/television pieces. Outside of Her Campus, PK is a senior at Pace University (NYC) and is majoring in Communications and Media Studies with a double minor in Digital Marketing and Arts and Entertainment Management. Recently, PK has been delving into multiple social media and design platforms to further their knowledge about digital marketing. During this school year, and beyond graduation, they hope to continue to learn more about photoshop and video editing software. Beyond school, PK enjoys listening and discovering new music, enjoying a cup of coffee and a sweet treat, having hour-long conversations about Star Wars and/or Marvel. If not doing any of the items listed above, PK is most definitely “rotting” in bed and gaining more knowledge about astrology and rewatching their favorite movie/TV shows again.