The Best TV Show Couples

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With Valentine's day quickly approaching, I thought I’d make a list of some of my favorite couples on television that gives me hope when it comes to love. TV show couples are often the heart and soul of the storyline which keeps the audiences coming back week after week. This list contains some of my personal favorite on-screen couples; hope you enjoy!!

Jim and Pam (The Office)

While this list is no particular order, Jim and Pam belong at the very top. Jim Halpert single-handedly redefined the friend-zone and what it means to play the “long game”. When this show started, Pam was engaged to someone else; thankfully for us, that doesn’t last too long. Because this hilarious show feels very grounded in reality, it’s hard not to feel hopeful when watching Jim and Pam’s love story unfold. These two had me laughing and crying for nine seasons and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Nick and Jess (New Girl)

Fans of New Girl will agree that this pairing was obvious from the beginning due to the chemistry between Nick Miller and Jessica Day from the day she moved into the loft. However, I personally love the way that they challenge each other like no other. They are so different from one another yet balance each other so perfectly. While watching this show you almost have no choice but to root for these two.

Nathan and Haley (One Tree Hill)

The classic “popular star of the basketball team” falls for the “smart girl” is the baseline of this truly adorable couple. However, they challenge pretty much every stereotype along the way. These two managed to stay together for nine consecutive seasons, (including a time jump) which I see as no small feat. Don’t get me wrong, their story is far from smooth sailing but I truly enjoyed seeing this couple develop from budding romance into adults with their very own family. There was something so sweet about their love for each other and the way that they came out of every struggle stronger than they were before. These two were truly the heart and soul of their show and they will always be one of my favorites.

Fitz and Simmons (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.)

Jemma Simmons and Leopold Fitz have truly put me through the emotional ringer. In the pilot episode of this series, we are introduced to them as a team, Fitzsimmons. They are scientists working together to help their team face any challenge. I love this pairing because they truly represent what it looks like to fall in love with your best friend. It’s beautiful but it can be awkward and scary. Simmons is a badass biochemist with so much depth to her character while Fitz is a socially awkward engineer with the biggest heart. I love the way that this pairing plays with gender roles and social norms. No matter what crazy storyline is thrown their way these two have an unbreakable bond that nothing can take from them. While I truly love every couple on this list, these two are the ones that I will never recover from.  

Oliver and Felicity (Arrow)

Oliver and Felicity captivated me from the very beginning. They were a very platonic partnership for a long time but that made them finally getting together so much sweeter. They truly challenge each other to be the best versions of themselves and I find them so compelling to watch. Not to mention the insane amount of chemistry they have. The dynamic between them is beautiful and it’s truly so worth all the angst that this show put fans through.

Jackson and April (Grey’s Anatomy)

As a huge fan of Grey’s, I never expected to love this pairing as much as I did. There was something about Jackson and April that truly captivated me. They were truly each other’s “person”, which is a trope that Grey’s Anatomy loves to explore. The two “Japril” centric episodes of Grey’s Anatomy are my two favorite episodes of the entire series. Everything from the chemistry of the actors to the long friendship turned to romance, made these two my favorite pairing on the show.

Cece and Schmidt (New Girl)

These two are another unexpected favorite of mine. I love the way that New Girl portrays these very different pairings but made them equally heartwarming. I don’t think anyone was as surprised by this romance than Cece and Schmidt themselves. They seem to be in different worlds at the start of the show but end up being a beautiful and loving relationship. They compliment each other perfectly and we get to see them develop from complete strangers to navigating parenthood together. I love the way that these two challenge expectations. They’ve truly become one of my favorite dynamics to watch on screen.

Callie and Arizona (Grey’s Anatomy)

One of Grey’s Anatomy’s classic couple’s. These two were breaking rules from the very start of their beautiful story. Callie and Arizona truly captured the hearts of Grey’s fans and have never really let go. A moody orthopedic surgeon falling in love with the pediatric surgeon who quite literally wheels around the hospital in Heelys? Yes, please. Their relationship was so dynamic and compelling to watch. I was always rooting for them and miss both of their characters so much on the show.

Jack and Rebecca (This Is Us)

Jack Pearson is the fictional dream man we all need in our lives and we see this through his love for his wife, Rebecca. These two give people hope that even though life may not be easy, facing it with someone by your side truly helps. The way that This Is Us feels so real, helps this couple to truly captivate hearts. They are so inspiring in the never-ending love and support they give one another.

Betty and Jughead (Riverdale)

I haven’t watched Riverdale in a while but these two still made my list. This pairing was truly my favorite part of the show. I thought the way that their relationship developed so naturally was both sweet and intriguing to watch. They have this innocence to them even though everything around them seems dark and it makes for a great story.

Kurt and Blaine (Glee)

Glee may have ended a while ago but the couple’s that this show created have never left me. From Finn and Rachel to Brittany and Santana this show seemed to showcase love in so many different ways. The couple that stands out to me, however, is Kurt and Blaine. These two had so much chemistry from the moment Blaine’s character was introduced and it just never left. After everything that Kurt’s character went through I was so happy to see him find love in someone so amazing.

Chandler and Monica (Friends)

While Friends did give us the classic pairing of Ross and Rachel, these two are my personal favorite relationship from the show. They were truly best friends that developed into a beautiful love story and I was always rooting for them. When they were introduced as a romantic pairing I was surprised by it, but quickly fell in love with them as a couple. His laid back and humor driven personality fits together with her neurotic and responsible one in the most hilarious way. I loved watching their relationship develop and they’ll always be one of my favorites.

Cesar and Monse (On My Block)I’ve just recently finished On My Block on Netflix and can confidently say this couple is worthy of being on any list of the best TV couples. They are a truly beautiful representation of first love and what it looks like when that love is put through tough situations. These two are so inspiring when it comes to lengths they go to to protect each other and they’ve quickly become one of my favorite fictional relationships.

Jake and Amy (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)This pairing makes me so happy. Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been one of my favorite shows to watch recently and these two are a huge reason for that. Jake and Amy are truly a joy to watch and it’s actually hard not to love them. They give a show full of so much heart such a sweet center and I wouldn’t change a thing about their dynamic.

Damon and Elena (The Vampire Diaries)

While the Vampire Diaries gave us several iconic TV couples, these two were my personal favorite. They seemed to be the thread that tied the story together. It’s the classic, “want, but can’t have” kind of love that you can’t stop yourself from rooting for. They spent a lot of time pretending they weren’t in love, but audiences weren’t fooled. These two were truly an epic romance on the small screen and captivated so many hearts around the world, including mine.

While there are so many more adorable TV couples out there, these ones have a special place in my heart. I hope this list helps you get in the mood for the season of chocolates and flowers. Whether you’re spending the day with someone special or, like me, living through your favorite fictional relationships, I hope you have a happy Valentines Day!