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Jocelyn Hsu / Spoon

Being a Grown-Ass Disney Fanatic

Growing up my life has always gravitated toward Disney.  From their princesses to their channels, I always knew all the tea, making me an expert at a very young age. And now, as an adult, things haven’t really changed. I’m still updated with the latest Disney Channel shows (via my little sister) no matter how much they suck while continually reminiscing about the old days. But unfortunately, that’s not all when it comes to my little guilty pleasure. To this day, I’m still that one person in the room that’ll say random Disney references or get into heated discussions about random theories. Why you may ask, simple, it’s because I’m not ready to let go and probably never will anytime soon.

No matter what Disney had always been there for me growing up. All my happiest memories were made in the parks or laying in bed watching their movies on tape. Even when I was sad, I knew I could look to Zack and Cody or read a few books from one of their publications to cheer me up. With Disney, I never felt bored because each story and show educated me with essential lessons growing up that made me the person I am today. For instance, The Suite Life taught me about eating disorders, Mulan taught me how to be brave, and That’s So Raven taught about discrimination. Hell, even, their ridiculous movies taught me valuable lessons such as Monsters Inc. that taught me about corruption in the workforce. This proves that no matter how old you get, Disney will have a valuable lesson that would benefit you in the future. This is also why, to this day, I still don’t feel guilty for shushing a family during The Incredibles 2 or getting hyped over movies such as Maleficent. I’m not just watching for the entertainment value, but trying to decipher the hidden message behind it all. Especially when most of the movies and shows contain subtle jokes that fly right over children’s heads, but amuse the parents. This is why when I’m old, and in a wheelchair, I’ll still roll my ass to the movies to see them or strap myself into the Tower of Terror ride at Disney World. It’s all because I am a Disney Fanatic, and that means waiting for Disney+, gushing over how cute the newest princess’s companion is, and always comparing the reboots of shows to the original. It’s all a small part of the Disney life and being a part of the Disney family.

Hello, I'm a proud book dragon majoring in English language and Literature while minoring in marketing. And as an Aquarius, you can see my ecocentrism and passion in everything I write. <3
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