The 7 Spookiest Places in NYC to Check Out this Halloween

As a self-proclaimed Tim Burton superfan and lover of all things Halloween related, I spend much of my time all year round searching for the spookiest neighborhood places to get my Halloween fix. Throughout my time in New York City, I’ve compiled a list of what I believe to be some of the spookiest spots around, from historical houses to contemporary bars. Here’s my list of places that you’re sure to find a bone-chillingly good time this Halloween season photo by Phyllis B. Dooney.

  1. 1. BeetleHouse

    For any Tim Burton lover like myself, this themed bar and restaurant created as an ode to the famous filmmaker will reign supreme on this list, hence its landing at number one. Their fishbowl cocktails and gourmet burgers are extravagantly spooky, just as any Tim Burton film character would want them. All of the items are, of course, inspired and named after Tim Burton's characters or films themselves. But if you miss this spot on Halloween, don’t worry. They are open all year round; Beetle House’s tagline is, “Every day is Halloween.”

  2. 2. Enchantment

    New York City’s oldest occult store sits in the heart of the East Village. This store gives you all the tools you need to be your witchiest self, from bath mixes and apothecary for spells to your own customized, magical candle and much, much more. 

  3. 3. Death Ave

    This rustic eatery, bar, garden and brewery is home to the Black Ink Martini. It’s exactly how it sounds: black as a Death Ave soul. But be warned, cocktail lovers, it is as strong as it is dark. Do ghouls need chasers?

  4. 4. Halloween Adventure

    Another East Village spot that specializes in Halloween, this holiday store has been in business for over 15 years. It’s creepy clown logo and the plethora of Halloween paraphernalia in October proves its love for Halloween, but its incredible selection covers almost any holiday you could think of. If you can’t make it this Halloween, stop by for some Mardi Gras gear!

  5. 5. The Cauldro

    Wondering where you and your friends can relish in your group Harry Potter costumes? Look no further than Stone Street, where the Cauldron Gastropub serves to bring your wizard fantasies to life through science, technology, and design. They offer sheerly magical cocktails and a Potions Class. Alcohol can make you act like a kid again, but this place will make you feel like one.

  6. 6. The Bartow-Pell Haunted Mansio

    If you’re in the mood to venture out of Manhattan, tge 1654 Bartow-Pell mansion in the Bronx is the perfect spot for you. The historic estate can serve as a year-round attraction, but the tours of the allegedly haunted property are especially spooky when the ghostly decorations and creatures lurking around the corners are in full force in the depths of crisp October nights.

  7. 7. Screaming Mimi’

    Screaming Mimi’s is every vintage lover’s dreamland. At its location in the West Village, you can find the most perfect old school designs that will give your Halloween costume the most luxurious vintage authenticity. If you don’t check it out by Halloween, be sure to stop by before your trip to Coachella or Woodstock. 

I hope this little listicle from a Halloween junkie like me can help to make your Halloween just a bit more spooky this year! Wherever you end up on that fateful night, remember to be safe. No tricks, just treats!