6 Reasons I Chose New York City as my Campus

New York
United States
37° 5' 24.864" N, 95° 42' 46.4076" W

1) So much to do

Living in the “big city”, you have opportunity lying at your feet. If you ever get bored in “the city that never sleeps”, you’re doing something wrong. Like reading? Spend a day in one of Manhattan’s beautiful parks and dive into your favorite book. Like to see boats float by? Take a stroll down The South Street Seaport and take in the scenic view. Do you love live theatre? Go listen to some of your favorite Broadway tunes at a Broadway show! There is simply no room for boredom in New York City.


2) Incredible food

Food is what makes New York City what it is (especially dessert). From Black Tap to 10 Below and so much more, there are endless amounts of places to try, all over the city. Your stomach will thank you later.


3) Cozy bookstores

Are you a bookworm? One thing is for sure, you can easily find a bookstore in many corners of Manhattan! The closest Barnes & Nobles to Pace University is on 97 Warren Street. Do you like unique bookstores? Check out The Strand Bookstore in Union Square and find the inner Belle bookworm in you.


4) All the shopping you could ever dream of

Shopping is a MUST in New York City. There is always a festival, pop up shop or crazy sale happening somewhere in the city. Some great areas to satisfy your shopping needs are SoHo, Greenwich Village, Chelsea and the Upper East Side!


5) Forms of transportation

Transportation is probably the number one reason I chose New York City as my campus. Living in the city, the traffic is constant. The subway is an ideal way to get around the concrete jungle. Although it may be crowded, it is a great system to get the hang of, especially if you plan on living here for the next four years. To be a real New Yorker, is to know the subway system like the back of your hand.


6) Endless opportunities

Living in the city has several perks (see above). However, the one that I find the most valuable is the amount of opportunity we have, living in New York City. Unlike other college campuses, we are not enclosed (where all we see is the quad and the dining hall across campus). Everyday, we get a view of skyscrapers, aesthetically-pleasing coffee shops and scenic views no matter where we turn next. New York City prepares us as college students for the real world, we have access to opportunity that you cannot find elsewhere. Regardless of your major, there are opportunities everywhere whether it be applying for your dream internship or volunteering, there is something for everyone here. Create opportunity for yourself, do not wait for it to come to you! Networking is KEY.