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6 Easy Ways To Feel Put Together

With a full time course load, part time job, internship, and other social activities, the life of a college student can easily feel out of hand. Luckily, you don’t need to blow your paycheck on an expensive massage or save up for a vacation to feel organized and put together. When I’m feeling stressed these are my usual steps in restoring my peace of mind. 

1.    Organize 

Typically when I’m feeling stressed out, I look around and notice my room is disorganized. By spending an hour cleaning my space and putting misplaced items back where they belong, I feel so much better. Plus, it’s usually hard to focus on an assignment when I know I have to do dishes or laundry. 

2.    Write 

Pick out a pretty planner to keep track of all your upcoming assignments and events. It is stress relieving to write out everything you have to do, instead of trying to remember. 

3.    Work out

I feel much more motivated after a good workout. Stretching my body and being physically active releases endorphins, which fill you with positive energy.  4.    Eat Healthy

Eating a nutritious meal gives you the energy you need to take on a busy day. Eating clean will help you feel better physically and mentally. At the very least, try incorportating one smoothie a day into your diet. 

5.    Create an ambience 

This sounds stupid, but little things like lighting candles in your apartment and buying plants, create feelings of relaxation and warmth in your space. You will be more productive in a room filled with good vibes.

6.    Treat Yourself

I always feel more put together when I have a cup of coffee in my hand and a good outfit on. Investing in yourself, whether it be a new sweater or a daily coffee, help your overall self image and confidence. It is always a good idea to invest in yourself. 

Hey Everyone:) I am a Philadelphia native with a love for NYC. I am currently a communications major and a digital media studies minor at Pace University. I am a health and fitness enthusiast. I also volunteer with Reading Partners and Jumpstart. In my free time I love writing, traveling, rap music, and shopping.
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