The 10 Songs I'm Most Excited to Hear Taylor Re-Record

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Taylor Swift has been re-recording her first six albums! Not only is this great because it means that Taylor gets to own her own music, but it also means that we get to relive the magic of those albums all over again. When Fearless (Taylor’s Version) came out on April 9th, I was a complete mess hearing these songs again in a new way. It got me thinking: What songs am I most excited to hear re-recorded? So, in no particular order, here are my top 10.


  1. 1. "All Too Well"

    Like many people, "All Too Well" is my ultimate favorite Taylor Swift song. It is one of the most powerful songs I have ever heard, and when she performed it as the secret song for the Reputation show I went to- I swear she did it just for me. The emotion she puts into it is unreal, so I am not at all prepared to hear what Taylor sounds like when she records it with nine more years of experience. Additionally, it was originally a 10 minute long song that included a swear word, and every night I manifest that we get that version because I need it.

  2. 2. "Long Live"

    I don’t know if there’s a lyric that describes my relationship with Taylor better than “I had the time of my life fighting dragons with you.” This track off of Speak Now was written for her fans and her band, because she wanted to thank them for everything they had done with her and for her, but that was only three albums in. Now, here we are, after everything she has gone through as an artist still standing by her. With all these years and albums and experiences having gone by, every lyric will take on such a deeper meaning as I think about all the memories I’ve had as a fan. Taylor, I promised you this in 2010, but I’ll stand by you forever. 

  3. 3. "Style"

    The two biggest forces in my life? Taylor Swift and Harry Styles. So, you can only imagine how "Style" makes me feel. I barely survived it the first time and still go crazy every time I hear it, what will I do this time? And, even for non-Harry fans, "Style" was the moment in 2014! It ruled the world and was absolute pop perfection. So, I can only imagine the impact it will have when it gets released once again.

  4. 4. "Look What You Made Me Do"

    "Look What You Made Me Do" is the most iconic comeback song. And, when it’s re-recorded and directed more towards Scooter Braun, it’s going to be just as jaw dropping, if not even more. He quite literally made her have to re-record her music, so that phrase will be even more striking, especially since Reputation will be the last to be re-recorded. The old Taylor is dead, it’s only (Taylor’s Version) now.

  5. 5. "Fearless"

    Okay, maybe this is cheating a little bit since it already came out, but I am so excited over "Fearless." While so many songs on Fearless are iconic, and "Love Story" and "You Belong With Me" are huge parts as to why I became a Taylor Swift fan, "Fearless" encapsulates the whole essence of that album so well. And, when it came out, I definitely was crying because there is no one who makes me feel as "Fearless" as Taylor.

  6. 6. "Tim McGraw"

    Her first ever single! Thinking about how much she’s grown since "Tim McGraw" was released makes me so emotional, and I’m not prepared to hear it again from an older Taylor’s voice. Just watching the part of Miss Americana where "Tim McGraw" had just been released kills me, so I’m definitely not prepared for this. And, I'm for sure hoping we get a feature from Tim McGraw on one of the debut "from the vault" songs!

  7. 7. "Never Grow Up"

    What about this makes me more emotional: the fact that I have grown up since this song came out or that Taylor has? I very distinctly remember listening to this song in my parents bed when I was in elementary school, so I am not at all ready to listen to it from my own bed in my college dorm in New York. Now that I understand the end of the song a little bit more, this one is for sure going to hit differently.

  8. 8. "Dear John"

    At time of re-recording, Taylor Swift will still not be as old as John Mayer was when he dated her. "Dear John" is, in my opinion, one of Taylor’s strongest songs, and it still blows my mind that she was able to write lyrics so powerful at such a young age. I am so proud of her for writing and releasing that song, and I think it will be so good from an older Taylor’s voice.

  9. 9. "Out Of The Woods"

    So yes, I do in fact wear a paper airplane necklace everyday. So you could for sure say I’m a big fan of "Out Of The Woods." I love to scream along to this song pretty much every day because it has one of the best bridges of all time, and Taylor’s vocals are so incredible on it. Now? She’s going to have that breath control like she has in the bridge of "Death By A Thousand Cuts," and it’s going to be even better. The power this song will have from an older Taylor will be completely unmatched.

  10. 10. "This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things"

    One of the most underrated songs on Reputation! Similar to "Look What You Made Me Do," this song will take on a different meaning when it’s released again. Taylor shook her head and is locking the gates on the original versions of her music, as she should! This will be a perfect celebration of her re-releasing her music, and I am so excited to hear it.

Basically, I just want to hear every single Taylor song again. As a Swiftie since 2008, all of her songs have such an important meaning to me, and I love getting to revisit them in such a special way. But, until we start to get more of these past albums re-released, I’ll just be dreaming of "All Too Well (Taylor’s Version)."