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Vision boards are a fun way to layout your goals for the future you desire.

Whether it is personal goals or academic endeavors, they can all be displayed on your vision boards.

In order to create one, the first step would be to write down all your goals in all aspects of your life. Then what you can do is gather materials, (I made mine on a cork board), but you could simply just use a sheet of paper.

June Liu
June Liu / Unsplash
You can take cut-outs from magazine or print pictures out that reflect the goals you want to achieve. You could also include short quotes that you often refer to for motivation. After you gather all your images, begin organizing and pasting them almost like creating a collage. Try to make this a fun experience; you can play some music, light a candle or even get some friends and work on your vision boards together. No matter how big or small, if you want to achieve it you should place it on your board. Let’s say you want to work on a fitness journey, improve you GPA or maybe just work on being happy in life, put it on your vision board!!!

Once you complete your board, the most important thing is to display it somewhere you’ll see every day. The theory behind vision boards is the law of attraction; which in simple terms means that positive thoughts bring positive experiences. By creating a vision board, you are constantly visualizing and manifesting the life you want for yourself. Personally, I feel like having a vision board provides me with a daily visual reminder of my goals in life.

This helps me stay focused in order to tackle the rest of the spring semester and motivated to complete goals outside of my academic life. Remember that you can’t just make a vision board and expect everything you want in life to fall into your lap. Use your vision board to guide your actions in order to progress your goals into reality. Vision boards are such a fun way to display your goals and will actually help you achieve them!

Ruth Febrillet

Pace Pleasantville '22

Hi! My name is Ruth Febrillet and I am a sophomore majoring in Criminal Justice. On my free time, I enjoy reading or listening to music.