Why I Will Stan Aerie Forever

Aerie is a brand of the franchise American Eagle - aerie focuses on being inclusive, optimistic, and empowering to all, especially women. They work to promote all body types, breaking the stigma society has created about the modeling industry, and use the hashtag #AerieREAL which supports REAL women wearing REAL clothes that can be worn day to day. 

The majority of Aerie clothing is relaxed clothing/undergarments including swimsuits, sweatpants, lingerie, and work out attire. All of their clothes are unbelievably soft and I don't know how they do it, but it's amazing. Its fresh and comfy and they're always coming out with new stuff. 

BONUS! Aerie is always having sales and promoting coupons, which makes all the clothes afforable to all. I do not remember the last time I paid full price for a piece of Aerie clothing (sips tea)

Aerie also works through social media to promote women and discuss topics such as relationships, body confidence, goal setting, self-love, and wellness. They put out positive messages that I think should be heard by all. 

 They promote these values and messages through "role models" such as Aly Raisman and Iskra, who support Aerie, model, and even have their own clothing lines. These are women who have made exceptional strides to break female stereotypes and love themselves!

Aly Raisman is young olympic gymnast who promotes Aerie brand while speaking out about sexaul abuse and the value in speaking one's truths.

Iskra is a model who is championing self-love and challenging modeling norms. She, along with Aerie, emphasizes diverse shapes and sizes, while making the statement: "women are beautiful at any shade or size"