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I have been watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show for years now, and have always looked forward to watching the show with my friends. This year, I did not watch the show. If you aren’t aware of the huge controversy that Victoria’s Secret put themselves into, let me explain. Shortly before the show was taped, Victoria’s Secret’s chief marketing officer Ed Razek made comments of why he excludes plus-size and transgender models from the cast. During his interview with Vogue, the 70-year-old businessman said he didn’t think “transsexuals” should walk the runway because “the show is a fantasy.” After he made this horrific statement, the internet then blew up in rage.

This year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was watched by fewer people than ever before, according to data that was revealed after the show aired. Last year, the show aired in the United States on December 2, with a total of 5 million viewers. This fashion show has been dropped viewers since 2013, but never hit a decline like this year, dropping to 3.3 million viewers. This show is the biggest lingerie show in the world, but i'm guessing not for long. Later on, an apology for his remarks during the interview came out saying he would “absolutely cast a transgender model for the show.” Was his apology too late? Will this have major effects on the brand?

Like I said before, I can’t remember the last time I didn’t watch this fashion show. I have loved the brand for a long time, and even remember getting my first bra from Victoria’s Secret. I remember feeling so feminine and grown. I was genuinely hurt and upset from the comments made by Razek, so I can’t even imagine plus size girls and transgender girls who were affected by his comment as well. The LGBTQ+ community have come such a far way in today’s society, where it doesn’t matter who you are, what you like, what you look like, we are living in a world where people are finally becoming accepting. So for a major brand like Victoria’s Secret to make a comment like that, and not think there would be a consequence, is ridiculous. I don’t think I will watch the Victoria’s Secret fashion show anymore, let alone, shop in that store. Things are finally changing, and people are learning it’s not ok to say whatever you want anymore, unfortunately, Razek didn’t get the memo.



Nicole Cancel

Pace Pleasantville '21

Nicole is a sophomore Public Relations major, and minoring in Fashion Marketing at Pace University. In her spare time she enjoys binge watching shows on Netflix, attending concerts, and napping in between every class.
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