The Top 7 Restaurants to Visit in Pleasantville

Being the dedicated foodie that I am, I spent my first year at Pace University searching for the best and most delicious food options that downtown Pleasantville has to offer. After extensive research, I have finally compiled a list of my favorite meal spots within walking distance of the shuttle stop in town.

  1. 1. Playa Bowls

    Location: 465 Bedford Road

    Playa Bowls brings you back to the feeling of being at the beach every time. Playa sells a variety of smoothie bowls such as acai, pitaya, coconut and even a green kale base. Each bowl is then topped with fresh, juicy fruit. My favorite bowl at the moment is the Nutella bowl … it is to die for! Stop by and give these tropical bowls a try!

  2. 2. Wood & Fire

    Location: 59 Marble Avenue

    If you’re feeling like having a fancier meal, make your way over to Wood & Fire. The classic Neapolitan-style wood-fired pizza at this joint always hits the spot. Not to mention the large variety of scrumptious pasta dishes available as well. My to-go pasta meal at the moment is the Spinach Gnocchi Caprese. The atmosphere of this establishment is modern yet rustic with an Italian twist. The price range of this restaurant is on the higher side, but it is always 100% worth every penny.

  3. 3. Yogolicious

    Location: 59 Marble Avenue #1

    After visiting Wood & Fire, you can stop into Yogolicious right next door. This dessert joint offers many flavors of frozen yogurt and tons of toppings as well as a whole candy section. If you want to channel your inner child and be the “kid in the candy store” again, this is the perfect place for you. As an added bonus, they accept Pace Flex!

  4. 4. On's Chinese Food

    Location: 475 Bedford Road

    On’s offers classic Chinese food meals for take out such as General Tso's chicken, wonton soup, lo mein, roast pork with veggies and my personal favorite, chicken and broccoli in garlic sauce. The best part about this Chinese take out spot is that they take Pace Flex! That means you can pay for your delicious meal using your Pace card. A friend of mine once said that she thought it was “the best Chinese food take out [she] ever had”!

  5. 5. Lucio's Pizza

    Location: 76 Washington Avenue

    Lucio’s Pizza is a cute Mom and Pop take out restaurant. Every time you walk through the doors, the owners welcome you with open arms. After visiting a few times, Lucio knows you by your name and greets you with a smile. Lucio’s offers a variety of pizza in addition to well-known Italian fare. Additionally, they have a few sandwiches on the menu. My favorite being the Boss Wrap, which has a chicken cutlet, penne with vodka sauce and melted mozzarella. This pizza joint also accepts Pace Flex and they offer free delivery!

  6. 6. Tzatziki Greek Grill

    Location: 39 Wheeler Avenue 

    If you are in search of an authentic Greek restaurant, look no further! Tzatziki Greek Grill offers the most mouthwatering traditional Greek salad I have ever had, delectable Gyros and savory Spanakopita. The interior of this restaurant is clean, sophisticated and has a delicious Mediterranean smell as soon as you walk through the doors.

  7. 7. The Pleasantville Diner

    Location: 10 Memorial Plaza

    I couldn’t write about the best places to eat in Pleasantville without including the diner. The diner is the best late night option in our quaint little town, closing at 1:00am on the weekends and 11:00pm on weekdays. The best part about this diner that sets it apart from the rest is their over-the-top milkshakes. There are tons of unique flavors such as Oreo, confetti cake and the "CandyLand Shake" to satisfy your sweet tooth.