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Top 5 Spooky Halloween Costumes of 2018

Halloween is that time of year where everyone brings out their alter-ego.

The time of year where everyone can choose to be someone else, and it is totally ok. You can be a superhero, or maybe a super villain. How about a princess or maybe even a prince charming? Well, whatever it is, its the time to be spooky fabulous. But however, every year there are always those costumes that a lot of people tend to dress up as. That on Halloween night your start to see doubles, triples, and even quadruples. 

Well, this year the top five costumes have come to shine once again…

1. Pennywise the Dancing Clown has still managed to stay on top and even be the recurrent nightmares of many kids and many more adults.2. With the new movie breaking charts, The Incredibles have become a popular favorite. Not just for kids, but mostly for adults. No one can keep these superhero families from saving our streets. 

3. We cannot forget the new craze. FORTNITE! This has taken the minds of kids, teens and adults. Almost everyone wants to suit up and go win the battle royale of who can get the most candy on Halloween night.

4. Black Panther. The movie that left us all wanting to drink that serum and be so strong and stealth. Even the costumes are breath taking, siblings unite!

5. Adults nightmares have somehow come back to haunt them in 2018. Michael Myers has made his comeback with his new movie “Halloween”. This year Halloween is just the return of the lost nightmares if you ask me.

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