Top 10 Musicals to see on Broadway Right Now (That Aren’t Hamilton)!

    Theater and Broadway specifically have been a part of my life since I was a young kid, and my mom made sure that I knew every word to the Wicked soundtrack by the age of 6. Gifts for Christmas and birthdays in my family tended to be experiences rather than material things, which lead to my sister and I being exposed to musicals, broadways or otherwise, very early on in our lives. Though I acted as a kid, I did not truly get into musicals until I joined Set Crew my sophomore year of high school, coincidentally just when Hamilton got extremely popular. Singing and rapping in a musical was almost unheard of, unless you had seen In the Heights, and it took the world by storm, so much so that if you haven’t heard of Hamilton you most likely are living under a rock. Since then, my life has been filled with scream singing musical songs in cars with the windows down and entering every lottery I could to see my next obsession on Broadway. I recognize that musicals are not everyone’s cup of tea, however this season (and every season) Broadway offers something for everyone. With that being said, here’s a list of the top ten must see musicals that are on Broadway right now (that are not Hamilton).

  1. Beetlejuice

Based off of the 1988 Tim Burton film of the same name, Beetlejuice shocked Broadway lovers this past year. With a fun animatronic snake and a very charismatic, yet terrifying main character, the Broadway musical lives up to the standards that the movie set years ago, even including iconic songs such as Day-O and Jump in the Line, along with new songs that bring depth to what seems like just a creepy comedy such as Dead Mom. The majority of the original cast is still on Broadway currently, and they are running a special promotion (and new playbill) for October, so now is definitely the time to see this show!

   2. Book of Mormon

This musical is definitely not for the faint of heart. Irreverent, bold, and absolutely hysterical, this show might not be one to take kids to, but it will most definitely keep you laughing the entire time. Following the journey of two new Elders who get assigned to a mission in Uganda, this show takes stereotypes of both Africa and the Mormon religion and puts them to song, with Hasa Diga Ebowai, and Turn it Off, being some of the more memorable songs. Open your mind before you see this show and be ready to leave smiling, with, surprisingly, having learned a positive lesson

3. Come From Away

This show might be one of the most underrated shows currently on Broadway. While it has received critical acclaim and 7 Tony nominations, it was greatly overshadowed by the other big success that year, Dear Evan Hansen, and ended up only winning one Tony. Come From Away is based off of the true story of Gander Newfoundland, and this small town’s experience during the 9/11 attacks, when 38 planes, that were directed out of US airspace and forced to land at their local airport. It is a heartbreaking story, with music that is sure to make you both laugh and cry, sometimes at the same time. When you go see this show, pay special attention to the choreography and the band, which were two of my favorite parts of the experience of the show.

4. Dear Evan Hansen

Though I did just credit Dear Evan Hansen with stealing the spotlight from Come From Away, I would also argue that Dear Evan Hansen deserved all the praise and accolades it received. The role of Evan, originated by Ben Platt, is a technically and extremely emotionally challenging role that nearly anyone in the audience could connect to. Dear Evan Hansen tells the story of a socially awkward outcast who struggles to fit in, and a suicide that completely changes his life. Without ruining the plot, I will say that this is another show that will make you (and everyone else in the audience with you) sob throughout the entire show, and cry happy tears at the hopeful ending.

5. Hadestown

Hadestown is broadways newest sensation this past season. This show is based off of the Greek myth Orpheus and Eurydice and their journey to the underworld, or in this case, Hadestown. This show has incredibly memorable songs, choreography, set pieces and an extremely talented cast all around. Whether you are a fan of Greek myths or not, the experience that is Hadestown is one to remember, and definitely a must see show. (it’s number one on my to see list)

6.The Lightning Thief

If you read Percy Jackson as a kid, you know that the movie adaptations did not live up to the books, at all. However, this musical, though definitely targeted towards kids and young adults (mainly for the nostalgia factor), definitely lives up to the iconic books. Featuring great music and a talented and hysterical cast, this show is sure to take Broadway by storm. This show opened on October 16th, so if you can, definitely see it in the opening run with the original cast!

7. Mean Girls

Another show based off of a pop culture phenomenon, Mean Girls, based on the early 2000s movie, is just as good, if not better, than the original movie. Tina Fey had a huge hand in how this musical was created, and even wrote the original book to go with the musical. The original cast featured Broadway and off-Broadway veterans including Barrett Wilbert Weed and Taylor Louderman, and wows with its vocals, catchy songs (Revenge Party and World Burn) and great choreography. Though parts of the show are changed from the movie, the majority of the iconic jokes are still included, and the addition of new parts, especially regarding social media, bring the 2000s movie into the 2010s, and modernize it for the new kids coming to see the show. Be prepared to have these songs stuck in your head for the rest of the night!

8. Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge originated from the 2001 film of the same name. It is a jukebox musical, that differs from the original in soundtrack in order to include songs from the past 17 years since the movies release. This is a musical for people who enjoy popular music over typical musical music, as this show offers a mix of extremely popular songs from the 1980s-today in different mashups. Featuring Broadway veterans Aaron Tveit and Karen Olivio, this brand new Broadway show is sure to wow anyone who enters.

9. Waitress

Opening in 2016, Waitress became an extreme success due in part to its heartbreaking and relatable story. This show follows the story of Jenna, and avid pie baker and waitress at a local diner with an abusive husband and a kid on the way. Her journey told through Sara Bareilles’ music (and if you’re lucky enough to see it when she is performing as Jenna, her voice) really allows you to invest all of your feelings into the characters portrayed on stage. Waitress is scheduled to close in January 2020 after a solid 4 year run with talented guests playing lead roles, so get your tickets before its no longer on Broadway!

10. Wicked

Now this show is a given. Unlike Hamilton, this show made it onto the list purely because everyone needs to see it. This show has been running for over 10 years, with Broadway legends Idina Menzel and Kristen Chenoweth beginning the iconic roles of Elpheba and Glinda respectively. The time on Broadway alone speaks to this shows tremendous success, and the 10 year anniversary special that was aired on prime time TV with stars such as Ariana Grande singing songs from the show just proves how influential this show was in the Broadway community. If you haven't seen it, or even if you have, you should get tickets. This show is one that never stops entertaining, and is a must see for everyone.