Studying, but make it ~aesthetic~

Its midterm season!! But it doesnt have to be just studying bullet notes!

I think most students can agree that note-taking is a crucial part of learning new material for classes. Taking notes by hand helps the brain retain information better, and by having an effective system for note taking, you're not only learning new material, but you are also making neat and informative summaries that are valuable to have when preparing for a test or an exam. 


Here are some aesthetic ideas for all you creative minds out there that can be both fun and effective at the same time! 


Titles & Headers 


Titles and headers are eye catching so you’ll need some practice on those. Pinterest would be a good source for ideas. 




Your handwriting has a major impact on how your notes will look. If you are not satisfied with your handwriting, there are a lot of videos on youtube that can help you improve it. There are also handwriting sheets in which you can practice, for example, Handwriting Worksheets 




There are many different styles and methods you can try and use to organize your notes. The Cornell notes, outlining, Mapping and Charting are all good methods that I personally recommend for best styles for note taking. 


Color Scheme 


Of course, color plays a big role in making aesthetic notes. Some people stick to one color and try to match other shades with it, for example, yellow pen, yellow post-it note, yellow highlighter, yellow washi tape and such more. Besides having only one color, you can have more to make your notes more fun and artsy. 




You can add decorations to your notes. These include stickers, drawings and washi tapes; these should match with your aesthetic and the color scheme. 


Thank you for reading! Have a great and productive day/night