Sexual Liberation In College

College is known for being the place where you find and discover new things about yourself, but it's also the place where you can discover sexual liberation. To be sexually liberated is about owning your sexuality and being able to experience sex with whomever you want without feeling any kind of shame of guilt.

Sexual liberation can also mean exploring your sexuality. Some people may come from a place where they didn’t have the option of exploring their sexuality due to things such as the fear of backlash from their community or maybe they just never got the chance to actually explore it until now.

College is the time where everyone is experimenting in some way. Some people are experimenting with making new friends out of their normal group, joining a new student organization, partying for the first time, and with sex in a new environment with new and different types of people. In some way, it's very freeing knowing that you're in a new place where you can start your journey of experimenting.

It’s obvious that our generation is no stranger to hookup culture. We’re used to receiving and even sending the famous; “you up?” text that always hits our phones just around or after 10 pm.

It’s weirdly a part of sexual liberation. You give yourself the power to be able to seek a sexual endeavor without feeling any shame for having a desire to be intimate with someone you’re not romantically with. A lot of us in college are on some dating app seeking for our next hook up in hopes that maybe it’ll potentially lead to something more or just looking for a casual encounter and there is nothing wrong with that!

The older generation tends to look down on our attitude towards sex because we don't necessarily see it as a sacred thing that should only be saved specifically for marriage or a serious partner like how they do. They believe that sex is for your partner who you plan on being with for a long time and potentially start a family with. Our generation has taken that old belief and threw it in the trash. Sex is not only this amazing way for us to connect to others but it even helps us connect to our bodies. 

Being sexually liberated is linked to confidence with not only your sex life but your body. Coming out of sex, you may notice that you feel this sense of confidence. It’s because sex adds to our sense of worth and desirability. What can make you more confident than knowing you’re desired? I know that when I first began having sex, I started to notice I was slowly becoming more confident in my body. Before I wasn’t really satisfied with myself but now I own my body and sexuality. Pleasure and desire really change how you view yourself and sex. It's not something you should feel ashamed about. 


In short, being sexually liberated in college is something that everyone should experience eventually (as long as- they're comfortable). Not only are you open to the world of sex where you can explore your sexual orientation and start to feel comfortable with your body but it’s a way to connect with others in a way that is truly intimate and empowering.