Pros and Cons of Coming Home for Break

Like every other college kid in December, I was counting down the days until the semester was over. Coming from high school, a month long winter break seemed like a dream come true (and it has been). However, there are some cons as well as pros to coming home for break that i'm was grateful for and dreaded... 


1. No Classes!

The first and definitely the most obvious pro of going home is NO CLASSES! It is basically a mini summer vacation. No homework. No studying. Amazing. 

2. Seeing Hometown Friends

As much as I love my new friends at college, I still missed my childhood and high school friends who have also been off on their own adventures in other states. It was so much fun to just hang out with them after a busy and stressful semester. 

3. Working 

A minimum wage paying job folding clothes or bussing tables could quite possibly be considered a con in some cases, but working over the break is a great way to earn some extra cash for the upcoming spring semester! 

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4. Home-Cooked Food

God, I missed this. 

5. Having a Car

Since coming to college, I have missed the liberating feeling of freedom a car brings. You don't have to worry about shuttle schedules and it's so much fun just to jam out with the music blasting. 


1. Missing your College Friends 

In college, I am constantly surrounded by people. Whether it is my roommates or my bffs, i'm just perpetually with others. It was definitely weird and an adjustment not having that in my life for a month. 

2. Having Less Freedom 

College is a time for us to have some freedoms. It was weird to have to let my parents know where i'm going or not be able to just stay up with friends in the dorms until 2 am watching Shameless or something. 

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