Practicing Self-Love

Ever just wake up and feel blah? You have no motivation to do anything. You rather just stay in bed and think about that one bad day. Well, here are a few self-love tips to build that confidence back up. 

  1. 1. Think Postive 

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    If you start to fill your head with negative thoughts, you will get a negative outcome. Fill your head with positivity and build off of it. Think about all the good things that you have accomplished. Do not have this mindset that things will not get better because no matter how long it takes, it will. 

  2. 2. Do Not Hold Everything In

    People often feel like the best way to handle their problems is to keep them to themselves, but ususally that is what makes it worse. When someone holds in so many feelings in their head, one day they cannot take it anymore and will let it all out. Talk to others, write your thoughts down, and distract yourself.

  3. 3. Do Things that Make YOU Happy

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    Having a hard day? Take a moment to breathe. Take a few deep breaths in and out. Listen to your favorite song. Read a chapter of that book you always wanted to read. Go for a walk. Draw a picture of your favorite animal. Go stretch your body. Work out. There are plenty activites that you can do to keep yourself happy and busy.

  4. 4. Its Okay to Not be Okay 

    Sad woman with smudged mascara holding a fake smile

    Do not pretend like you are happy and everything is amazing when it is not. It is okay to not be okay. It happens to everyone. Do not try to put on a fake smile for others. Worry about how you feel and help yourself before trying to help others. If you cannot find happiness within yourself, how will you make others happy?

  5. 5. Meditate 

    Find a quiet and cozy place to take time to yourself. Clear your mind and relax. Once again, take a few deep breaths. Exhale all the negativity and release any tension that you may be feeling. 

  6. 6. Know Your Worth

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    Know that you are beautiful. You are enough. Be confident. Do things that benefit you. 

I hope that these tips allow you to have a healthier and happier mindset. Always practice self-love, especially on your worse days. Love yourself first before trying to love anyone else.