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My First Brazilian Wax: Was it Worth it?

We all know the constant struggle of trying to keep our downstairs clean and silky smooth. Let’s just be honest - it is not easy. It is time consuming, difficult to get into all the crevices and it seems to already start to grow back after only about 5 minutes. It is an extremely frustrating process to say the least. 

It took me until I was 20 years old to be SO done with the constant battle with pubic hair. I finally broke down … I was going to get a Brazilian wax. Now, this was by no means an easy decision. I had pondered the idea for about 2 years now, but always backed out due to the immense fear that surrounds a wax down there. 

I am here to tell you, IT IS NOT THAT BAD. And more importantly, IT IS SO WORTH IT. It has been two weeks since I had the wax done and NO HAIR GROWTH. NONE! 


Now, I’m not gonna sit here, lie to you and say that it wasn't painful. It absolutely was, but it is a temporary pain. I can’t stress enough that it is only a temporary pain for a whole month’s worth of hair-free hooha. And even when it does start to grow back, it is much much thinner and grows in much less quantity; so when you go back for a second wax, the process is 10 times less painful AND you are a total expert at this point. 

Another aspect of a Brazilian that might turn some away is how much of a vulnerable experience this is. I was worried about this at first, but my waxer did an amazing job with making me feel more comfortable. We chatted it up as a distraction, which helped me immensely. Furthermore, she was extremely understanding about the fact that it was my first time. She let me ask a million questions, she explained every step to me before she did it and she was constantly checking to make sure I was alright. 


After I was a warrior and had every hair in my lady parts ripped out, it was time for a vagacial. Yes, you read that right, a vagacial. It was essentially a face mask but for your -- well you know, coochie. The vagacial soothed my skin (kinda like a cooling sensation) from the irritation and offered hydration as well. All jokes aside, it was a great end to the whole waxing experience. 


To conclude, my first Brazilian wax was scary and painful, yes -- but I cannot stress it enough how worth it it was. Every time I shower I get to skip the shaving downstairs part of my routine! Not to mention, my boyfriend was a big fan of it :) Getting a Brazilian is something that I would without a doubt recommend because the outcome is so worth it.