Memories Through Music

It's kinda crazy looking back at my old music playlists. They INSTANTLY bring me back to specific points in my life and the memories start flooding in. Good or bad. It is crazy how much music can shape our lives and communicate what we were going through at the time. I’ll be listening to specific playlists that I made and I am suddenly reliving the happy and sad moments of my past. It brings to life the people who used to be in my life and the people who have come into my life. It really got me thinking about how much my life has changed from last fall or even freshman year to now... 


Specifically, I found this playlist that brought back one of the lowest points in my mental health and I was like. Damn. I really am different, which makes me grateful for what I have and what I have dealt with. 


For me, I think that in times of severe mental distress or change, I take the time to incorporate music into it and make a playlist to listen to when I reflect, which is an extremely interesting window to look through months or years later. It is usually titled the month and year or a specific date and it is a combination of songs, with lyrics that really speak to me, and vibes that I am feeling. 


I honestly just wanted to share this little realization I have had and I don’t know if i’m the only one who does this.. But, I recommend