Love, Simon is a Must See Movie

In the past, it had been extremely hard to find an accurate coming of age movie, one that highlighted your formative years in a way that is realistic. But this year, there surprisingly have been many films teens can relate to, such as Lady Bird, and more recently Love, Simon. Watching Love, Simon, I was transported back to high school. I found myself relating with Simon’s group of friends more than I had expected. The quirky feel of their relationships and endeavors through high school were oh so familiar. This movie highlighted something that no other movie had done before.

As someone who did theatre in high school, like Simon and his friends, many of my friends were gay, and I watched them find themselves in a tricky world. The movie did an incredible job in showing a realistic high school kid, trying to figure out when to tell his friends and family he is gay, with many bumps along the way. Simon deals with bullies, inner demons, friendship quirks and more on his personal journey.

I cried, and I laughed alongside the characters in the film, feeling their fears and successes alongside them. It was something I haven’t experienced in a movie theatre in a long time. This movie is so important to experience, and you’ll find yourself cheering for Simon until the very end. It is a must see that is worth talking about.