Love Is Blind: A Review


Amidst our current global pandemic, we have all found ourselves in quarantine in order to keep us and everyone else safe. (We hope you are all doing well!) Naturally, I have taken up a lot more watching online streaming websites since I have an abundance of time on my hands now. I finally got around to watching the brand-new, Netflix-original, reality TV show: Love Is Blind. 


I binge watched the entire season (11 episodes) in less than 3 days, so needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The show is centered around couples who meet in “pods” which are rooms that are connected by a thin wall that allows noise to carry through it so the person on each side can speak to one another but cannot see the person they are talking to. The contestants spend a few days sort of “speed dating” and eventually (and hopefully) make a deep, emotional connection with one other contestant.


Once they have made a connection with someone, they must propose through the wall, still without ever seeing the person. It is only after they are engaged that they get to finally lay eyes on their now fiance. After they finally propose, the six couples now head to a resort in Cancun, Mexico to attempt to make their emotional connection a physical one. Of course, each of the couples experience turmoil in their relationships (because it wouldn’t be reality TV without drama!) If the couples are able to survive their tropical trip, they then get married. But will some of the brides/grooms change their mind at the altar? 




Now, my thoughts on the couples of Love Is Blind. Let’s start with the ones I liked the least up to my favorite duos. 


1. Colton & Diamond


I knew from the very beginning that these two were doomed. I could tell since they both had such big and vibrant personalities. Not that two type A personalities can’t mesh and work out, however, it takes a special pair of people to make a relationship as such work. It takes lots of patience and maturity, which I could tell these two lacked. 

Though, I do have to say, their huge breakup fight at the pool was hands down my favorite scene in the entire show! 


2. Mark & Jessica


This pair definitely takes a close second for my least favorite couple. If you’ve watched the show you already know how immensely irritating Jessica is. To be honest, she settled for Mark after Barnett rejected her and then she continued to string him along just for attention only to play him in the end. Poor Mark didn’t deserve to be left at the altar like that! 

I honestly don’t know how Mark kept putting up with her because all Jessica did was say/bring up negative things to (most of the time) start arguments. She continuously brought up the fact that there was a ten year age difference that Mark constantly told her he didn’t care about and she always seemed to talk down to him. This was definitely not a match made in heaven. 

P.S. Did you know that Jessica is THIRTY FOUR YEARS OLD???? (lmao)


3. Barnett & Amber


To say I was shocked when these two successfully got married is an understatement. This couple seemed to have so many ups and downs I didn’t expect it to work! Barnett’s family did not seem to like Amber one bit and Amber seemed to feel actually threatened by Jessica a little too much. You should never have uncertainties like that when you are about to get married! 

Overall, I was surprised by this pairing because Amber struck me as someone who is so hardcore and crazy and then Barnett just gave me complete frat boy vibes. However, they are successfully married and in love so I guess some things do work out in the end! 


4. Cameron & Lauren


I really liked this couple from the beginning! They seemed to hit it off right off the bat and they never had any major arguments or fights. The only concern that came up was the fact that they were an interracial couple. Lauren was always really worried that her friends and family would struggle to accept their relationship. At first, Lauren’s father gave Cameron a really hard time but eventually he gave permission for their marriage. The two are still happily married! 


5. Damian & Giannina 


I was rooting for these two the entire time. They definitely had some interesting moments … like when she didn’t return the compliment (which had me dying, it was so savage) and when Damian’s parents cancelled last minute on meeting Giannina. Although they faced a few hardships along the way and had multiple serious conversations, I was confident they were going to tie the knot. My jaw dropped when Damian said he couldn’t marry G. at the altar! The most priceless moment was when she ran away and slipped! 

Thankfully, at the reunion episode, the two stated that they were back together and taking things slow. Yay!


6. Kenny & Kelly


Kenny and Kelly were my favorite couple the entire show. They never had any drama at all, never had massive arguments and Kenny had immense respect for the fact that Kelly didn’t want to have sex so quickly. They really seemed like a perfect pairing to me and I was rooting for them the whole time. 

I was speechless when Kelly walked away from the altar without Kenny on their wedding day. I was even more surprised when at the reunion episode they were officially split up and Kenny was even dating someone else! :(


Overall, I was completely obsessed with the entire season and I would highly recommend it to anyone, especially during this time of quarantine. It’s important to watch a show that will make you laugh in these scary and uncertain times we are currently in. Stay safe everyone!