I Was Rejected From My Top Choice College. This Is What I Learned.

Not everybody can attend their “first choice” or their “dream school”; it's just the way it is. 


One year ago was my senior year of high school and I was looking forward to making the last of my high school memories, graduating and going to college away from home to start a new chapter. I swore from the bottom of my heart to get the best grades I can get, go to my teacher’s office hours if needed, and make the deadlines to top off my college applications. Sure that was not far from there but it got tough. 


But there were the SAT’s. Even if I had to sacrifice half my tennis season to the prep courses. After I took my first ever SAT I got a below average score. I decided to give up on SAT’s and just go for the test optional schools. After spending days searching for colleges that don’t require SAT’s, I found Marist College. A big college in Poughkeepsie, NY with beautiful scenery by the river. I went to an open house in the fall and I was amazed by the campus overall. The buildings and the programs that they offer there were eye opening and it was just so pretty with their little jewlery shop past the little tunnel. I could see myself as a student at Marist as I left the campus thinking that I had it all planed out perfectly.


When I started the college application process, my mother suggested that I should apply to other schools like Pace University in case my first choice didn’t work out. I did not look into that school that much because I was still dead set on Marist. Hypnotised by that beautiful campus with a wide open quad which had a view of the river.


2 months later, I had finished half of my college applications and then soon after, I had received my first admission decision letter from Pace. I was in shock because it came earlier than I expected but then I remembered that I applied to a lot of my colleges for early action. So I opened the email that contained my decision, the first thing I saw on the screen were streamers and I was accepted to Pace! I did it! I'm a college girl now and waiting for more acceptances on the way! 


As my senior year went by, I’ve received more acceptances from my safeties and my one other target school and soon all I am waiting for now is my decision to end all decisions. Marist. I was confident that I was going to get in if I got into all my other schools. Then in March, I received an email.


What happened next would change my life for the better. 


The first words I saw were "we regret to inform you." Rejected. My world shattered in front of my eyes as I was in tears looking at the letter. They did not even say anything to lift my spirits either. I shut the door of my beadroom behind me, retired my Marist stuff and burried my head in the pillows of my bed. I felt defeated. I thought to myself that maybe I woudn't fit in with the intelegent students that were said yes to, have greater opportunites and have the most fun overall. 


Two days later, I was still upset about not getting into my top choice. It was a hard pill to swallow, but I had to accept that maybe Marist is not for me and that there were other great  schools that I had offers from and gave me an opportunity to choose where I want to go and who I want to be. Fast forward to May, I decided to attend Pace Univerisy in Plesantville and I was the best feeling ever, I was surrounded by endless love and support from my family and peers that I felt ready to make these next four years the most of it. I also had gotten the chance to meet some friends online who are attending Pace from both the NYC and Pleasantville campuses, which made me feel a lot better about meeting new people as I began this new journey.


So, as I sit here in my new home at Pace Pleasantville writing this, I had never been happier in my life for where I am today. I have met some nice people, got involved in a lot of orginizations on campus, and currently working hard to excel in my classes. From what I have learned about my experiece with college rejection is that even if its one rejection letter, it does not define your intellegence or you as a person at all. Don't ever compare yourself to other people who were accepted, and if you go to another school and you are not happy, you can always apply to transfer. Instead of letting yourself down, be happy and make the most of your last year of high school and get excited about where your future takes you. xoxo