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Without a doubt, online school has made us lose motivation and productivity. I believe the lack of in-person classes or activities is the reason for this because if there’s no point in getting ready for the day and going to class, what point is there to even do anything else? This is not good for our health as we sit at a desk 24/7 feeling as if there is nothing else we can do, but I have a few things I do to combat the never ending cycle of zoom meetings and the increasing screen time.

I do my makeup and change out of my pajamas

I think the best way to start my day is to actually start it. What I mean by that is to get ready when I wake up so I actually have something to do, other than scroll through social media for an hour. I set my alarms everyday at the same time and try my best to get out of bed within the next 30 minutes (I’m still working on it!). Once I’m up, I head over to the bathroom and do my morning routine. I wash my face, brush my teeth, and do my makeup. I think doing my makeup helps me feel and look awake until I actually am. I also change out of my pajamas and put on something I have not slept in. I may switch sweatpants, but at least I’m not in an outfit I associate sleep with. I consider getting ready in the morning a good way to start your day because even if we are on zoom, you do not have to get ready, however, it can be the first productive thing you can do that can jumpstart your day.

I get something to eat or drink

I am not a breakfast person because I do not like eating food within two hours of waking up, but I do need something for my stomach. I settle for a drink, usually Starbucks, before I start class or work because it helps me be more productive. Plus, it’s a little more fun than water because as I’m in Zoom, I would be sipping my drinking thinking I deserved it because I made it to class. I do encourage eating something, even if it’s small, before class or studying because you need fuel to help yourself get through the day. I personally chose drinks before meals because it has helped me, but if you have a favorite snack or meal you like to eat, go for it. It will help you focus better and give you the energy you need to get through those long Zoom lectures.

I find ways to recharge

When I’m finally motivated to do work, I’m focused, but every once in a while, I need to recharge. The way I do so is I either talk to friends, listen to music, watch Youtube or Twitch, or sleep. I’m an ambivert so the choices I have for relaxing vary, but your hobbies can act as gateways to remove yourself from the workload of school and just chill. Other ways people recharge is that they read a book, go shopping, or play video games. It is important to do your work, but it equally is as important to relax and let your mind rest. Same with sleeping: no rest, no energy. If your mind does not chill out, you could stress yourself out.

Remember that doing nothing is not going to get you anywhere anyways

Doing everything online is hard. As a nursing major, it’s been difficult and serious discipline is needed in my classes. I know everyone is different with their own majors and how they manage their time, but the basis of getting through this semester is remembering that doing nothing is not beneficial in the long run. You can be as lazy or low maintenance as much as you want, but at the end of the day, we are all trying to get our education and finish college. We all are limited to what we can do outside our homes and dorms, so I do my best to do as much as I can to help me be productive and motivated.

This is how I manage to get through my days when most of it is online and remote. It’s not the same as it was a year ago, but this is the reality we have to live in. My final tip is to keep your head up and remember why you’re here, in college, pursuing the major you want to pursue. We all have a goal in our life and we all just want to achieve it, but we need to do something because doing nothing will get you nowhere.

Jennilee Barayuga

Pace Pleasantville '23

Hello! My name is Jennilee and I am a Nursing major at Pace University in PLV. I love to go shopping, play video games, and hang out with friends. I joined HerCampus because I want to put my hobby and skill of writing into articles that could potentially inspire or empower others!
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