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There’s the belief that communication is the key to successful relationships in your life (not just romantic relationships). In relationships, communication allows you to explain what you’re experiencing and what your needs are. The act of communicating helps you meet your needs and also helps you to be connected in your relationships. You set yourself free when you can communicate in an honest way. 

What does it mean when you set yourself free through honesty?

Honesty isn’t just about telling the truth. It’s about being true to yourself and living your most authentic life by being real about what you want and who you are. When you lie you’re just deceiving yourself.

Let’s say you’re dealing with someone who’s clingy. You like hanging out with them, but sometimes it’s too much and you need space for yourself. Instead of doing stuff such as flaking on them without an explanation, making excuses, or just being passive-aggressive in hopes they get the hint, the right move is to be open about how you feel. If you decide to avoid being honest for the sake of not causing conflict or hurting someone else, you’re actually doing more damage.You might find yourself resenting others due to your lack of being honest about your needs and boundaries. You might also just end up feeling a bit unhappy in general because you’re sacrificing your comfortability.

You don’t owe anyone anything and most people tend to forget that because they’re caught up in not wanting to come off as insensitive. It doesn’t matter how people will view you based on your honesty, it’s about you feeling like the choices you made were the right ones for yourself and even for others. Some people don’t appreciate honesty because it hurts them and their ego.
If you find yourself getting upset at someone’s honesty, ask yourself this question: Do I have the right to be upset? If I do, why? Did their honesty give you clear answers that you needed, not what you wanted? By being honest with yourself about your thoughts, actions, and wants, you live how you really feel. 

Sheena Williams

Pace Pleasantville '22

Sheena Williams is a sophomore at Pace University, majoring in digital cinema and filmmaking along with a minor in digital media studies. She spends her time working on creative projects and hopes to play an active role in the media.
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