Grub Love in Pleasantville

It’s always a struggle finding the perfect place to eat, but now it doesn’t have to be. Spend more time loving your partner than wasting time trying to agree on where to go. The options are endless here in Pleasantville from traditional pizza to authentic Indian cuisine. There are plenty of places to get a bang for your buck so don’t fret, collegiette. Better, start booking those reservations now!

1. Craft Beer and Pizza

A traditional Italian style restaurant serving pizza, beer and wine. The atmosphere is filled with the smell of pizza baking in the oven. The design is quite beautiful with their sleek countertop bar and stylish garage doors leading to their outside seating, although not the best for February. They are known for their prosciutto and the man or mouse pizzas.  This is a tad more on the pricey side of options for college students, but you’ll leave feeling stuffed.  

Location: 152 Bedford Rd, Pleasantville, NY 10570

Cuisine Type: Italian

Cost Ratio: Mid - Range $$ Appetizers $6 - $15 Entrees $11 - $23

2. Little Mumbai Market

This place is a diamond in the rough when looking for a food experience. They have so many different options; some healthy and other interesting eats with their unique Indian and French street styles. Little Mumbai offers great vegetarian dishes like their salad or rice bowls where you can add what you like from vegetables to meat. They have their own juice bar to make fresh smoothies where you can taste the freshness of the ingredients. The atmosphere is designed with a retro-alternative vibe highlighting vibrant street artwork. They are known for their dessert crepes where you can fill them with berries, sweets, chocolate, but most importantly, have homemade ice cream plopped on top. Little Mumbai does it right by providing sweet and savory dishes that will keep your palate satisfied all day long

Location: 475 Bedford Rd, Pleasantville, NY 10570

Cuisine Type: Indian & French

Cost Ratio: Mid - Range $$ Appetizers $5 - $10 Entrees $6 -$15

3. Wood & Fire  

Wood & Fire is a casual, chic Italian style restaurant known for their personal Neapolitan style pizzas. From tons of toppings to choose from or ordering from their signature dishes you won’t be left disappointed. Their Sunday Brunch is one of their well known staples offering bottomless mimosas and bloody mary’s for just $18. Talk about getting your drink on for all you twenty-one and fun folks. Now the decor won’t make you feel like you're in Little Italy, but instead leave you with a relaxed ambience like you're at a rustic vineyard. 

Location: 59 Marble Ave, Pleasantville, NY 10570

Cuisine Type: Italian  

Cost Ratio: Mid - Range $$ Appetizers $8 - $17 Entrees $19 - $31

4. Don Juan Mexican Restaurant

Who needs a vacation to Mexico when you can go to Don Juan. This restaurant's decor is saying go hard or go home. The vibrant colors and knick-knacks make it the perfect place to start your fiesta. You can start the night off with gauc and chips, choosing from mild to spicy. From there the choice is yours from flauntas, to tacos to enchiladas and so many more Mexican favorites. 

Location: 2 Broadway, Pleasantville, NY 10570

Cuisine Type: Mexican

Cost Ratio: Mid - Range $$  Appetizers $7 - $12 Entrees $13 - $20

5. Miyabi Asian Bistro & Sushi Bar

One of the most poppin’ restaurants in Pleasantville since it is located right in the center town is Miyabi Asian Bistro & Sushi Bar. This upscale restaurant provides a relaxed atmosphere that brings nothing but variety to the table from their classic rolls to lobster tacos. Miyabi offers fresh sushi with perfect portions. The sushi presentation is absolutely superb, down to the very ginger placed on the plate. The fusion of the Asian cuisine is prominently shown in each dish. Make sure to make your reservations early as they can get quite busy!

Location: 25 Wheeler Ave, Pleasantville, NY 10570

Cuisine Type: Bistro & Sushi

Cost Ratio: Mid - Range $$ Appetizers $4 - $15 Entrees $11 - $30

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