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I consider tattoos to be a permenant art on your body. It’s a big decision to do it and if you feel as if you’re not ready to do it, then I wouldn’t suggest getting one because you’ll just be sitting there in pain.

I decided to get my first tattoo last year, right when I went home from college during Christmas break. I got a quote on the left side of my ribs saying, “Everything happens for a reason” and recently, I got my second tattoo of a butterfly on my left shoulder. 

Each tattoo I got had a significant meaning behind it; For example I got the quote after many changes were going on with my family. I also had been going through life always going by that quote anyway. The second one’s meaning was simply the fact that butterflies are a sign of good luck and it was originally going to be a matching one with my friend. 

However, if you decide to get a tattoo, you have to take good care of it after. You have to keep rubbing A&D ointment on it after you shower, don’t use scented lotion or soap on it and just try to not put pressure on it when it’s very fresh. 

I think getting a tattoo in college is very common; people want change especially something people can physically see (piercings are also very common). It’s an exciting thing to do in just the spur of the moment however make sure you think hard about what you’re getting since they are perminate.

I love my tattoos and hope to get a lot more – so hopefully this helped you feel better about doing it or maybe you just found this interesting! tattoos are beautiful things.



Giselle Morales

Pace Pleasantville '22

My name is Giselle Morales and im currently a sophmore, Im a english mayor at Pace Plesantville. I am a resident of Brooklyn, New York. On my free time, I usually enjoy sleeping, hanging out with friends,and watching netflix. I am looking foward to being more involved on campus and just creating stronger bonds with people in my life.
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