Gem of NYC: Buffalo Exchange

Over the weekend, my friends and I ventured out of the quiet town of Pleasantville into the New York City for a change of scenery. While we were there, we walked the streets of SoHo as well as the East Village and stumbled upon a gem of retail, Buffalo Exchange. Buffalo Exchange is a chain of high-end thrift stores all over the city that buys, sells, and exchanges clothes from the trendy population of New Yorkers. The vibe of the store is an urban chic and it has styles for men and women of all sizes. The condition of the clothing is always great and the employees always try to make your experience at the store great. They have an abundance of clothing from brands like ASOS, Zara, Doc Martens, Adidas, Champion, Ann Taylor, etc.  I have gone multiple times and I have always found a fresh and new selection of styles. At this adventure to Buffalo Exchange I found some cute pieces for extremely affordable prices.​

The first piece I got was a fitted pair of black mom jeans from Zara that were originally $70 for $17 

The second piece I got was a cute, popart t-shirt from the MoMa for $12 

The third piece I got was a pair of tailored trousers from Zara that were originally $60 for $15

I was so happy with these findings and it was awesome to get some higher end brands for cheap prices.. especially when you're ballin' on that college stuent budget! 

I recommend Buffalo Exchange to anyone looking for a fresh (and AFFORABLE) clothing store in the boroughs of NYC! Happy shopping :)