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One of the cutest couples on campus, Samantha Mayrose and Sam Giordano, or just commonly referred to as Sam and Sam, are the epitome of true love! We have the inside scoop on all things Sam & Sam, and no surprise they know everything about each other!

HC: What is your name, year, major, and pronouns?

SM: Samantha Mayrose, I go by Sam though, I am a sophomore, my major is childhood education with a concentration in english, and a minor in photography, and I use she/her/hers.

SG: Sam Giordano, sophomore, childhood education major with a history concentration, which is useless as I will be in elementary school, and he/him/his.

HC: When and how did you and Sam meet?

SM: So we met in 12th grade, before going to college, and we were in sculpture class together, and he kept trying to impress me the whole time. He then ended up gluing his hands together at one point. It was a mess, but um...It was kind of like, history from there.

SG: We met in sculpture class, in 12th grade. She sat across from me. Originally, I was going to sit by myself in the corner of the room or whatever, as far away from everyone else as possible, but my other friend said “I know that person,” then Sam sat next to that person, who he knew, and that eventually led to where we are now.

HC: What is your favorite thing about your significant other?

SM: He’s really, really funny, and he always makes me laugh. Also considering that, I am an emotional person, and I cry at like, every tv show and movie, he’s always there to comfort me.

SG: We have a similar sense of humor. I didn’t really think so at first but over time I’m actually kind of surprised because I always thought I had a weird sense of humor, but apparently someone else does too.

HC: Pop Quiz! What is your SO’s favorite color?

SM: Blue. Well, gray, but that’s a shade, so blue is his actual favorite color.

SG: I believe blue.

HC: What is your SO’s dream job?

SM: I think he’s always dreamed of being a teacher.

SG: I think she would like to be a photographer. She started the Photography Club, so.

HC: What is your SO’s favorite animal?

SM: Dog.

SG: I think cats is what she would’ve said.

HC: What is your SO’s favorite food?

SM: Chicken and broccoli with garlic sauce. It has to have the garlic sauce.

SG: Hm...uh, Chinese food? I don’t know if that counts.

HC: What is your SO’s favorite past time?

SM: Playing video games.

SG: Napping.

HC: What is your SO’s ideal date?

SM: Probably just watching The Office and ordering take out. It’s what we do, like, every weekend.

SG: Something, like, super casual. She’s always talking about she’d like to go to McDonald’s, or casual...or just, do nothing. A nothing date, where it’s not even a date. I’m great at doing nothing so it really works.

HC: I feel like you guys knew you would be pretty knowledgeable about each other. How long have you been dating?

Both: A year and a half.

HC: Do you have any plans for Valentine’s Day?

SG: McDonald’s or nothing. *laughs*

SM: I think we’re probably going to catch a movie or something over the weekend, and then the day of...just chill.

SG: Yeah, we’re lazy.

SM: We’re lazy people.


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