Faces of Pace: Meet Precious Hose!

Precious Hose is a sophomore here at Pace University, and is making the most of her time here! From becoming an Orientation leader this past summer, to speaking at this year’s convocation, Precious is on her way to doing great things.

Her Campus: What is your major? What do you plan on doing after college?

PH: I’m a proud Criminal Justice major! Since I’m in Pace’s 3+3 program, I plan to go to Law School—specifically Elisabeth Haub School of Law in White Plains. I aspire to become a lawyer specializing in the Criminal Justice field in hopes of working on murder cases and/or with children who went through domestic abuse and rape.

HC: Where are you originally from?

PH: I’m from Mākaha, Hawaiʻi. It’s a small country town on the far western part of Oʻahu island. We have the best beaches and no one will ever top that!

HC: What leadership opportunities have you taken advantage of here at Pace?

PH: Anything I could grasp onto! I started as a resident in the Setters Leadership and House First-Year Interest Group. I was one of the food managers for our P4K dance marathon during my freshman year and became a Morale Dancer this past year. I served as the President for the Freshman Honor Society, Alpha Lambda Delta. I’ve been the Senator for the Criminal Justice Society for the past two years. I also served as an Orientation Leader this past summer, becoming a Peer Leader shortly after. I was the student speaker for this year’s Convocation and currently I’m the student representative for Pace’s Middle States Accreditation Study, which is extremely important for our school to be accredited!

HC: Why did you decide to come to Pace?

PH: I honestly didn’t know how to choose which college to go to and I decided the same day that the college deposit was due. All I had was money to deposit for one school and I thought that going far away from home would add many different learning experiences to my life. I’m very ambitious and I settled on Pace because of the financial aid granted to me and Pace’s 3+3 program stuck out to me.

HC: What do you like most about Pace?

PH: I’ve got to say that Pace has a diverse student body and we have many students who are really diverse not only by their background, but by talent. It creates an interesting campus vibe, which unifies our campus. Even if we don’t know a person’s name, we know them by face and it’s always nice to say hi to people you see around often—creating a warm and friendly environment.

HC: How have you adjusted form living so far away from home?

PH: It’s different for everyone; for me, it was the food. In Hawaiʻi I was a pescatarian, so my diet drastically changed and I ended up in the hospital. I had to find other types of food that gave me the nutrients that I was lacking. Over time, I became aware of what other types of food could substitute my iron and protein intake. I love the cold so adjusting to winter wasn’t a problem, it was more so my friends adjusting to my weird quirk of loving the cold.

HC: What do you wish to tell people while they are considering going to Pace?

PH: If home is far, just do it. Even if the butterflies in your stomach turn into dragonflies, it will be a learning experience that you can add to your adventure book. If home is near and you’re commuting, make an effort to meet lots of people! College is a great way to start fresh. But most importantly, shine with your personality and get involved. You’re going to love Pace even more if you’re getting involved and attending games and events!