Everyone Hates the Patriots...But Me

As someone born and raised in Masachusetts, where the Patriots are considered gods amoung men, moving to New York made me realize how many people hate the Patriots. As I put on my Patriots sweatshirt Sunday afternoon, making my way to my sorority's annual super bowl party, I knew there would be weird looks and nasty comments made towards me, but I didn't care. I grew up in Massachusetts, and I'm proud of my team. Although the Super Bowl was a generally boring game, being able to leave that party with a smile on my face and a winning team was all worth it. Going away to college can change a lot about a person, especially if you change states, but I always tell people to keep their roots close because the way you were raised is so important to who you are as a person. Whether it is simply supporting your home sports team, or maintaining traditions from your home culture, it's all important to me. Here are five feelings I felt being a Pats fan at a New York dominated Super Bowl party:

1. When you walk in wearing your home gear and get THE LOOK:

2. When the Patriots make a good play, and you do a little happy dance to yourself: 

See the source image3. Trying to sit quietly as everyone arounds you talks badly about your husband Tom Brady: 

See the source image ​4. Stuffing your face with food in anticipation through the last few minutes of the game:

See the source image5. Leaving the party knowing your home team pulled through: 

See the source image